Langdon Area School District Teacher of the Year

One of the greatest honors  a teacher can receive is being recognized by their teaching peers. For Langdon Area Elementary teacher Andrea Lorenz, she has been recognized for her outstanding abilities as a teacher for the past five years by being nominated, but this year she received the ultimate nod of approval. Lorenz was recognized as the LASD Teacher of the Year at the recent appreciation banquet.

Posted 1/3/19

By Melissa Anderson

“I was super thrilled and excited to be nominated again this year and to have won!  It’s a good feeling knowing your colleagues believe in you and what you do every day in the classroom and for the school. I feel very honored to receive this award,” Lorenz said.

Lorenz currently teaches 4th grade reading, language arts, and writing.  She is in her 15th year of her teaching career and has spent 11 of those years right here in Langdon teaching various grades during that time.

“I have taught everything from 2nd through 6th grade.  I love teaching in a small community.  There is so much support from our administration and community members,” Lorenz shared.

Lorenz has enjoyed her time at the Langdon school, sharing that being able to “have a voice in what happens in our school and be heard” is really nice and not something teachers in larger districts can say. Not only does the smaller school system mean she can have a voice but the relationship between the teachers is also one of a small, tight-knit community.

“I love my coworkers, and it’s fun to learn from each other everyday. I love my students and watching them learn and make connections is an amazing feeling,” Lorenz said. “I can honestly say I love my job and going to ‘work’ each day.”

The evening of the ceremony was definitely a fun and memorable experience for Lorenz as she and her fellow LASD staff spent the time playing games and sharing a delicious meal. Finding out she had won the crystal apple was a surprise. Her fellow nominees, Alison Podhradsky and Alexis Lafrenz, earned high praise from this year’s Teacher of the Year.

“I feel honored to be nominated with Ms. Podhradsky, whom I have worked closely with the past few years, and Mrs. Lafrenz, whom I not only know as a fellow co-worker but also as a parent as both of my daughters have had her. They both do awesome things in their classrooms,” Lorenz said.

As school resumes, Lorenz and her students will have a lot to look forward to for the remainder of the year.