2018 Year in Review: April through May

April of 2018 kicked off a very memorable anniversary for the area community as the Roxy Theater celebrated its 20 year re-opening anniversary on April 5, 2018. The theater celebrated by giving a free showing of the movie “Mouse Hunt”, which was the first movie shown when the theater re-opened. The theater was purchased in 1997 by the Northern Lights Arts Council (NLAC)  and underwent renovations. The theater had a new roof put on the building and was returned to its original 1930’s configuration.

Posted 1/10/19

By Melissa Anderson

Cavalier County resident Joan Viger got the surprise of a lifetime when she won the grand prize from the Catholic Schools United annual raffle. Her $20 investment landed her $20,000  in cash. Viger wasn’t the only winner as St. Alphonsus Catholic School received a check for nearly $9,000 which was $3,000 over their goal of $6,000. Principal Derek Simonsen stated that 100 percent of the funds garnered from the fundraiser are put directly into the hot lunch program at the school.

In the getting to know  your local government series, readers learned how Karen Kempert, the Cavalier County Emergency Manager and 911 coordinator, does her part to keep residents safe. The series also highlighted the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department during the month of April.

April was also a busy month for area producers as they prepped for the upcoming growing season with seminars held by the Langdon Research Extension Center. The center held a soil health seminar that featured legume logic and cover crops. Legume logic is based in Carrington and believe that faba beans are the next big crop for Cavalier County.

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital found itself in search of a new Chief Executive Officer after Chris Wyatt resigned, stating “I did what I thought best for our organization and community.”

May featured three government departments for readers to learn about as the Cavalier County Social Services and Job Development Authority along with the United States Postal Service explained the services they provide.

The City of Langdon reviewed the city sales tax in mid-May. The tax, which generated about $42,000 a month for the city, is only two cents, but those two cents added up to help fund city-wide projects, community development, tax relief for certain items such as the Langdon Activity Center, and economic development.

The Milton Little Star Theater  opened on Memorial day following repairs made to the building.

June opened with the start of the Phase One street and sewer project for the City of Langdon.  The project lasted all summer and well into September. The streets that were worked on included 12th Avenue from 3rd Street to the Langdon Elementary school between 6th and 7th Street. The construction also covered 7th and 8th Street from 9th Avenue  to 12th Avenue.

June saw a whole host of local events taking place during the month from the D&B Show and Shine and the June Jamboree to the Community Family Night. Langdon had lots to offer residents and visitors alike.

2018 was also a midterm election year with the primaries playing an important role in shaping the general election. The results had write-in candidate Jerry Nowatzki receiving the majority vote to take the Langdon City Commission President seat. The city also was given approval to continue the city sales tax. At the county level, Greg Goodman topped the votes for the unexpired 2-year term while the 4-year terms up for election had the field whittled down to the top vote getters.

North Dakota State Parks and Recreation finished  a large mountain bike trail for visitors to enjoy. With 15 miles of multi-use trail, there is plenty of distance to enjoy the park.