Cavalier County Commission meeting held recently

The Cavalier County Commission opened their meeting by discussing extensively the proposed legislation that is currently being discussed at  the state legislature. The bills discussed relate to water boards, social services, and recording of legal documents.

Posted 01/17/2019

By Melissa Anderson

The majority of the meeting was dedicated to department reports. The Commission heard first from Cavalier County Treasurer Cindy Stremick. Stremick gave a brief overview of the county’s finances in regards to tax income and balances in various financial holdings. Following her report, Stremick asked the Commission to approve the security pledges, which they did.

Veterans Service Officer Leon Hiltner informed the commissioners of how his department is doing, stating that the veteran’s van service has been steadily increasing and now takes up approximately 50 percent of his time. Hiltner asked if there were options for utilizing a second vehicle for when there are conflicting appointment requests either by having a driver use their personal vehicle and paying from the VSO’s travel fund or using a county vehicle and paying the driver from the van program grant. The Commission stated they would look into the insurance and liability issues.

Cavalier County Tax Director Steph Bata gave her department’s report explaining what upcoming duties will be performed as assessments begin. The Commission and Bata discussed at length how the county can be proactive in having all residential properties in the county have parcel cards including those properties that are listed as farm exempt.

Cavalier County Recorder Vicki Kubat gave her report going over revenue for the last quarter of the year as well as legislation that has been proposed directly affecting her work.

Cavalier County Weed Officer Leon Pederson was the last to give a department report. Pederson reviewed last year’s expenditures and discussed future projects regarding the weed building. The commissioners and Pederson discussed at length the budgeting items that need to be included in future budgets.

In Other Business

Expenditures made in 2018 were reviewed and amended.

Terry Johnston discussed what motor grader should be replaced. The Commission approved starting the bidding process for a new one and including the motor grader that will be traded in.

Cavalier County Auditor Lisa Gellner presented the special assessments for the Cavalier County Courthouse and the district shop, both located within the City of Langdon. The Commission approved paying off the special assessments for those buildings.

The commission discussed the private vehicle use policy with newly contracted HR Crystal Beggs. Beggs had input from Cavalier County States Attorney Scott Stewart as well as several department heads when reviewing the policy.