Langdon City Commission was cleaning house at their last meeting

The Langdon City Commission may have only had a few items on the agenda for the January 12 meeting, but that didn’t stop discussion time.

Posted 01/17/2019

By Melissa Anderson

The majority of the meeting was dedicated to how the City Commission can make efforts to clean up Langdon. Commission President Jerry Nowatzki is stressing the importance for city residents to have complete adherence to city ordinances relating to vehicles and properties within city limits.

“We are serious about this,” Nowatzki said.

Nowatzki and fellow commissioners, Marty Tetrault and Cody Schlittenhard, spoke to Chad and Tiffany Lombardi regarding their properties within city limits that have  several inoperable vehicles as well as vehicles surrounding their residence. Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel read the city ordinance that was being violated, and Nowatzki provided state century code options that give the proviso concerning having a fence around properties and being labeled a “junkyard”.

The Lombardis explained that they have been working to remove the vehicles in the residential area and have purchased a property outside of town to place vehicles as well. The Lombardis also informed the Commission the nature of their business and the reason for so many vehicles and parts.  The Commission listened, understanding the position of the couple but ultimately stated that the issue needed to be resolved by spring when the snow melts.

“We don’t want to take away your livelihood,” Tetrault told the Lombardis.

Other areas of “cleaning house” included structural properties that were in need of being torn down or condemned. Langdon City Building Inspector Gary Bimler presented a list of properties he has inspected and recommends moving forward with the condemning process. The Commission reviewed the property list and agreed. Two properties will be bidded for demolition, and properties that still have owners will have the condemnation process started.

In Other Business

The Commission discussed Sporty’s Bar & Grill blocking off the beginning of main street during their construction. Tetrault and Schlittenhard both felt that the business should be allowed to close off the street as needed due to safety reasons for pedestrians and motorists. No further discussion on the topic was offered.

The City reviewed the street sweeper bids, ultimately accepting the bid from Elgin. The Commission approved a budget of $180,000 so that Tetrault and Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth could review financial options.

The Commission reviewed the railroad properties that will be vacated by the city.

No bids were received for Parcel #60461000. The Commission and Hoffarth discussed the wording of the bid notice and how the city could enforce the stipulation of building within a year of purchase.