Local reader wins big

Sitting down to read your local newspaper can be rewarding in finding out the happenings and current events of your community. It can also provide you with the chance of a lifetime. Just ask Xavier Breddin and his mom, Rebecca.

Posted 01/17/2019

By Melissa Anderson

In late August of 2018, Rebecca was reading the latest issue of the Cavalier County Republican when she came across an article announcing a cruise contest for 8th graders sponsored by AAA. The contest would award 60 students from across 11 states with a free European river cruise through the Netherlands and Belgium.

“When I read it in the paper, I thought it would be an amazing experience for those who won,” Rebecca recalled.

Xavier thought that going to Europe, and specifically the Netherlands, would be cool. With encouragement from his mom, Xavier entered by writing a brief but very telling essay on why he wanted to go on the trip.

“…it is a place I have never been to. I would like to see the many different attractions especially those related to history, World War I and II. I have never been in another country overseas and would learn so much from this experience,” Xavier wrote.

The Breddins will embark upon a seven night, eight day river cruise in the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of March. The itinerary is packed full of destinations including the Anne Frank House, NEMO Science Museum, touring the Kinderdijk Windmills, and the Keukenhof Gardens. As a whole, the trip is designed to have engaging learning experiences for the winners to gain a deeper appreciation for Dutch and Belgian cultures.

Rebecca is in agreement for the impressive organization of the trip, centering it around history, science, and culture. She is excited for her son to have the opportunity to learn and experience a different culture.

“Anytime we have the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and experience the world- I think we should take it,” Rebecca explained. “It also helped that he got to take a parent along!“

Xavier is looking forward to the river cruise, going to the Ann Frank House and the NEMO Science Museum while mom Rebecca is looking forward to seeing the tulips and windmills.

“We both are looking forward to eating French fries, waffles and chocolate,” they said.

Rebecca and Xavier are very excited to be able to have this experience together ,and it’s all thanks to picking up the local paper.

“I am so glad that we read it in our local newspaper! We can honestly say, it pays to read your newspaper and to take a chance on a contest! You never know, you may end up winning a great prize!”