Langdon Area School Board meeting held

The Langdon Area School Board held their first meeting of the new year on Monday, January 21. The meeting had a number of agenda items for the board to attend to.

Posted 1/24/19

By Melissa Anderson

The board had a preliminary review of the school’s audit report compiled by CPA Emil Scheonfisch. Schoenfish stated that overall the report is good but not 100 percent accurate, and he will continue to work with LASD business manager Shauna Schneider to complete it.

Mark Bucholz of CTS Group gave a presentation to the board on how the school buildings could be improved to operate more efficiently. During his preliminary report on the schools options for improving the facilities, Bucholz focused on the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. The recommendation was to pursue the improvement projects in two phases. Bucholz also reviewed how the school district could fund this project without using loans. The board approved entering a project development agreement with CTS Group.

The board discussed who would be going to the negotiations seminar. The decision was made that Dave Hart and Cindy Stremick would attend.

Stremick presented the resignation letter from Warren Jonasson to the board. The resignation was accepted by the board and Steve Olson, who was present at the meeting, was appointed to the rural at large seat to finish the term and pursue re-election in June.

The board continued with updating their policy manual by adopting new policies and redacting the ones being replaced. The board also reviewed the security pledges from the financial institutions in uses and approved them.

The board reviewed the proposed school calendar created by Superintendent Daren Christianson. The calendar is similar to that of Edmore. The board approved the calendar as presented.

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