Moonlighters to host Snowfest

The first weekend in February will be a busy time in Langdon. Not only will football fans get to watch the big game on Sunday, but on Saturday snowmobilers from across the state will converge on At The Hop and Cavalier County to enjoy the snow and trails of the area. The Moonlighters Snowmobile Club of Langdon is hosting not only Snowfest but also Snowmobile North Dakota state ride.

Posted 1/24/19

By Melissa Anderson

Moonlighters own, John Kelly, explained that each year snowmobile clubs from around the state have the chance to nominate themselves and the hometown they would like to host the ride in for the state ride. Those nominations are then submitted to the Snowmobile North Dakota board of directors which put it to a vote. The club that gets the most votes then will host the state ride.

“The ride will go anywhere the rider chooses to go on the trails but is centralized out of The Hop in Langdon,” Kelly explained.

Besides the chance to ride with friends and meet other riders, attendees will also have a chance to win big thanks to the dice shake game. The dice shake is a game with five dice and five chances to shake per ticket. The goal is getting the overall high score or the overall lowest score from the total after all five rolls are added up.

We are giving away a $1000 cash prize for the highest score and a $1000 cash prize for the lowest score shaken the day of the ride. The tickets are $10 a piece and can be purchased from any one of our club members or locations they are being sold at or will be available at The Hop the day of the ride,” Kelly said.

While the riders can cruise around the area all day if they choose and on whatever trails they please, the dice game begins at 10 a.m. and continues until 5 p.m.

“As for the dice shaking…anyone and everyone, sled or no sled, is invited to stop in and try their luck at winning up to $2000 in cash,” Kelly shared.

There will also be door prizes given throughout the day. The prizes were donated by local businesses and individuals. The fun doesn’t stop once the sun goes down, either. We will be having a live band, Hard Times, playing At the Hop from 9 p.m. till 1 a.m.

“Expect a good time,” Kelly said. “Sled or no sled, everyone can join in on the fun at The Hop and try their luck at winning some great prizes.”

The Moonlighters currently have around 20 active members and are looking for more to join. If anyone has an interested in snowmobiling and would like to become a member, they are more than welcome to come talk to any of the club members at The Hop during the ride or anytime for that matter. The Moonlighters Club is part of the northeast region in the state. Along with other clubs in the region, they cover around 250 miles of trail.

“None of that would be possible without the countless volunteer hours from snowmobile club members. They volunteer all of their time to maintaining the trails as well as putting up and taking down the signs every year,” Kelly shared. “Without that effort there would be no trails to ride on. Also the groomer operators who spend many hours around the clock grooming the trails so we can have smooth trails to ride on.”

Kelly points out that without the effort from club members and groomer operators the sport of snowmobiling would not be as fun as it is. The Moonlighters Club is hoping for a big turnout, great weather to ride in, and is looking forward to everyone enjoying their time both at At the Hop and out on the many trails.