Local youth named as ND 4-H Ambassadors

The 4-H motto, “To Make the Best Better,” has been taken to heart by two area 4-H members. Recently, Raquel Bata, daughter of Janelle and Randy Bata, and Tucker Regner, son of Julie and Shawn Regner, were two of the new 2018-2019 4-H Ambassadors selected through an interviewing process. Ambassadors are a group of young adults, ages 16 to 22, who work to help North Dakota 4-H. The Ambassadors do many things.

Posted 2/7/19

By Melissa Anderson

Here are samples of the duties of the Ambassadors:

• Enhance and promote the North Dakota 4-H Youth program with state and county Extension staff and 4-H volunteers.

• Act as an advisor for 4-H youth ideas and concerns.

• Create awareness of opportunities for older youth in 4-H.

• Assist in the planning and organizing of the North Dakota State Extension Youth Conference and other state functions.

• Provide 4-H Ambassadors as resource people throughout the state by county or individual request.

There are many different activities within the Ambassador program including: working at the North Dakota State Fair; organizing and presenting the ND State Extension Youth Conference; volunteering, attending, and planning retreats; travel and much more.

“The North Dakota 4-H Ambassador program is a great opportunity for Raquel and Tucker,” Cavalier County Extension Agent Macine Lukach said.

Bata applied to be a 4-H Ambassador as she wanted to continue her 4-H career and expand it to be something bigger. By being a Ambassador for the program, Bata will promote 4-H, lead youth, meet new people, and experience many wonderful opportunities that she otherwise would miss out on.

“Becoming an ambassador has been a goal of mine since the first time I went to the State Fair and saw other ambassadors, which was quite a few years ago,” Bata said.

This goal was achieved after filling out the application and undergoing the interview process. Bata felt she was qualified to be an ambassador since 4-H has been a part of her life since she was in first grade.

“I have been very involved being an officer almost every year and a junior leader. One of the main things 4-H Ambassadors do is work with youth, and I felt that I had quite a lot of experience with this which helped me feel qualified for the position,” Bata explained.

Now that she has achieved her goal, Bata is looking forward to working with youth, meeting new friends, and all the opportunities it provides including assisting at the North Dakota State Fair. Exhibiting at the State Fair is every 4-H youth’s goal and for Bata making sure that members  have a memorable experience is  going to be the highlight of her year as Ambassador.

“The most challenging thing for me will be making enough time for what I need to do as an Ambassador. I am very involved in extracurricular activities and the community which takes up the majority of my time, so I know it might be difficult to set time away for being an Ambassador,” Bata said of the challenge.

Time management may be a big concern for Bata now, but she has tools from her years as a 4-H  member to help. Bata explained that 4-H has helped to give her confidence, leadership skills, life skills, and experience in public speaking. It has also provided many volunteer opportunities for her which have allowed her to become more involved in and help those in the community.

“Raquel is a great role model for younger 4-H members. Raquel takes the initiative to get things done without being asked. When she sees something that needs doing, she does it,” Lukach said of Bata. “She is kind-hearted and likes to help others by leading 4-H service community projects and programs to better the community. I love to see the excitement and eagerness Raquel has taking on leadership roles and wanting to do more.”

Regner went through the same process to become an Ambassador. After speaking with a Cavalier County Extension agent, Regner felt that having a good sense of humor and leadership would make him a good candidate for the position.

“I wanted to be an Ambassador because it would advance me into 4-H more, and I would get to hang out with and help hundreds of 4-H members from around the state,” Regner said.

Regner is looking forward to further expanding 4-H not only in his community but across the state. He plans to do this by showing all the things that can be learned from  4-H and still have fun.

“The biggest challenge I will face is agreeing with others. I’m a very self-conscious guy so I have a hard time agreeing with others about certain topics,” Regner shared.

Since first joining 4-H, Regner has participated in a wide variety of competitions from Project Expo, Communication Arts to Consumer Decision Making, and shooting sports. He is not just an active competitor though as he has also held an office for his club every year since the age of ten. Regner notes that these are the things that have improved his public speaking, leadership, and also the ability to stand up to for his opinion.

“Tucker leads by example for our younger 4-H members. It is good for the younger members to have such a positive role model to look up to,” Lukach said of Regner. “Tucker is a great help at his club’s monthly meetings and with our county’s 4-H activities. He pitches in willingly wherever help is needed. Tucker is very caring and thoughtful making sure others are included. Tucker is actively involved in our county 4-H events and has participated in state 4-H events.”

Bata and Regner had similar feelings and advice for those youth not currently involved with 4-H. Both were in agreement that 4-H provides opportunities to grow as a person and better yourself. It teaches skills that youth might not be able to gain without being in 4-H. However, not only does 4-H teach many valuable skills and provide many opportunities, it also is a lot of fun.

“I have made some amazing memories and friends being a member,” Bata shared.

“This program can really help you later in life,;the leadership and general life skills are very important to everyone’s future. 4-H is a program many companies trust and will definitely help you get and keep a job,” Regner added.