OCLC now an outreach for Altru

The Osnabrock Community Living Center (OCLC) has joined with Altru to give not only their residents but others in the area numerous therapy services. The OCLC facility initiated contact the Altru therapy department in order to meet the needs of their residents.

Posted 2/28/19

By Melissa Anderson

“All therapies are beneficial in gaining and maintaining independence which is important to our aging adults,” Brittanie Mostad, Administrator at OCLC, said. “They were happy to meet with us and approved the therapy room at the Osnabrock Community Living Center as a contracted site for Altru therapies.”

OCLC officially began as an outreach location in February of 2019. The therapists will be at OCLC on as-needed basis for outpatients but will be holding weekly group sessions for the residents of OCLC.

Altru therapies that will be offered include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy on an as-needed, outpatient basis.

OCLC and Altru will work together for one year and see how the service is utilized.  Mostad explained that over the course of the year, Altru therapies will be at the OCLC facility using the facility therapy room to conduct any necessary therapies to their residents and nearby community members.

“For example, if there is someone needing therapy, our facility will be offered as an Altru therapy location,” Mostad said.

Mostad invites anyone to visit the OCLC as their doors are always open to the public and  welcome to visitors and anyone who is wanting to see or tour the facility.