Presentations given to Langdon Area School District Board

The Langdon Area School (LASD) Board conducted business for the school on the evening of Monday, March 18. The board heard two presentations that night concerning the future of the school.

Posted 3/21/19

By Melissa Anderson

The first presentation was given by Farmers Union Insurance representatives at the request of LASD business manager Shauna Schneider. Schneider explained to the board in her report that because of issues that have been recurrent with the current provider 121, a new insurance broker would be beneficial for the school.

Schneider stated that it is important for the school to have a company that has local representatives that can help with everything and are willing to help the school employees at every level. The representatives explained that Russ Stremick at the Langdon Farmers Union would be the agent and point of contact for the school employees. Farmers Union would be the insurance broker, working with insurance companies to provide dental, vision, health, life, and both long and short-term disability.

The board asked numerous questions, with specific questions on if current Aflac policies would be honored. The representatives said that they would review each employee policy and do what is best for the employee, whether it’s helping find a better fit or continuing the current policy.

Kathy Rueger and Alison Podhradsky presented a new science curriculum proposal that would utilize LabLearner. The two explained that the current science curriculum is utilizing textbooks from 2010 which follows a step-by-step approach versus the next generation science standards that encourages inquiry and focuses more on hands-on learning. Podhradsky will receive a master’s in STEM by next school year and would be available to be the lead instructor for the science classes.

The expected cost for the program would be $42,000 for the equipment and set up which is done by the company. A proposed location for the lab room would be in the east wing of the elementary school in the old music room. The room is ideal as it already has a water faucet making it easier to install the safety features required for a lab room.  The program would be set to have younger students utilizing it two to three days a week and older students four to five.

A yearly cost of $10,000 for workbook was also estimated. The curriculum ties into the school’s current goal of writing across the curriculum, also. Board member Dawn Kruk stated that the Langdon Area School District Foundation has discussed the science lab and may be able to put some money towards the equipment side of the purchase if a formal request was made to the Foundation.

High School Principal Stephanie Hocchalter explained how the school will be implementing advanced placement classes and dual credit classes for students. Hochhalter explained that the difference between the two is that an AP class provides the students with the rigor of a college course with the option of taking an at-cost test to receive college credit. The dual credit class costs more money for the entirety of the course but guarantees the college credit. Only a total of four hours can be used for these classes, and there are generally some student requirements.

In Other Business

• The board continued the revoking of old policies and approval of new ones to replace.

• The Activities Committee reported that the girls track team numbers are up requiring an additional coach. The board approved the hiring of additional coach.

• Schneider also informed the board that at the time of the meeting, no one had filed paperwork to run in the upcoming school board election. The deadline for paperwork to be in is 4 p.m. on April 8.

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