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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

We try to buy much of our household products from local businesses. We also do our best to follow the same practice for our farm because local businesses tend to be tied closer to their communities and the majority of the service, jobs and net revenue will stay in the community versus going to a headquarters in some other state.

That being said, our family does buy some things at Sam’s Club, including milk. A few months ago, we noticed the design of the milk jugs changed and the milk tasted a little different. I checked the code printed on the jug and realized it was no longer coming from North Dakota; it was coming from Ohio. I felt a bit betrayed and disenfranchised. The Walton family, who started Walmart and Sam’s Club, has given the impression that they will source as much local product as possible. We don’t have a shortage of milk in North Dakota; however, we are starting to run short on dairy farmers as the price becomes more depressed.

This type of behavior from Sam’s Club does not speak well of their standing in North Dakota. We have a shortage of about 900,000 truck drivers in this nation. Yet they haul milk from Ohio to North Dakota and continue to further depress the prices here instead of supporting our local dairy producers.


Doug Goehring

North Dakota Agriculture


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