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Dear Editor:

I just completed my annual tax returns and wonder if I’m being hood-winked or am just plain stupid. Right now I would get the same satisfaction if I just took the tax money out in the back yard and burnt it. The options would support either the accepted level of graft and corruption in the first place or a little hand warming heat in the second. One can begin to see why all great civilizations have gone down the drain. They start out serving the citizens and end up being a cesspool of greed, corruption and one-ups-men-ship. Some of the lame issues that come up both in Washington and Bismarck leave you breathless and grabbing your chest like Fred Sanford and saying “This is the big one Elizabeth”. I have come to the conclusion that about 35% of Congress and a smaller chunk of the North Dakota Legislature don’t have the intellectual prowess of a creosote post. When I hear myself say that, I go to the mirror and say “What in the name of Hades is going wrong? Where did we slide into the ditch?” The concept of “common sense” left political debate at least two decades ago and is a relic that died like the dinosaurs. Now the classic approach is “You vote for my cockamamie idea and I’ll vote for your cockamamie idea” and neither should have been dredged up in the first place. A lot of today’s issues can’t stand up or be sustained on their own. I could go through a litany of gray issues, knee-jerk polices and general “wants” and all that you will do is nod in agreement and then go back to doing your annual tax returns.
Leon L Mallberg

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