Cavalier County Cancer Crusaders Rummage Sale: Everything AND the kitchen sink

The Cavalier County Cancer Crusaders have made spring cleaning a little easier this week as they held their biannual  rummage sale. The fundraiser rummage sale opened for business bright and early at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 24 at the Langdon American Legion Hall.  The sale will continue through the week opening every day at 9 a.m. and closing at 6 p.m. until Sunday when the sale will have it’s last day starting at noon.

The rummage sale has everything a person could need from shoes, clothing, to home goods such as bedding and kitchen staples. Wanting to update the kids toy selection? Now you can without breaking the bank.

Kathy Muhs, president for the non-profit Cavalier County Crusaders, shared that each time the rummage sale is held the turn out for both donations and purchases is overwhelming. What makes the sale truly possible is the 20 plus volunteers that dedicate their time in sorting, organizing, helping rummage goers find hidden treasures.

“In two days I’ve spent 21 hours here,” Muhs said. “ I usually spend 60 to 70 hours here in one week.”

The Crusaders are always looking for more volunteers to assist with the fundraiser. The age range of those that help is currently between 60 and 80 years old. The need for younger volunteers is apparent.

In the few short years that the Cavalier County Crusaders have been in existence, the help that they have given to Cavalier County residents diagnosed with cancer has been immeasurable. All funds generated from Cavalier County Cancer Crusader fundraisers stays within the county and helps residents that are facing the toughest fight of their life.

Be sure to check out the spring rummage sale happening now until Sunday, but you better hurry as the crowds are eager to see what they can find while rummaging.