CCMH welcomes new CFO

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) has welcomed a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to oversee the financial future of the facility.  A southern California girl by origin, Angela Kobel has spent the past 25 years living in Colorado working in accounting for various industries. She has been in the healthcare sector for more than half of those years.

Posted 04/26/2019

By Melissa Anderson

“I worked for a Critical Access Hospital in Colorado as the CFO before coming to CCMH,” Kobel stated.

Kobel began searching for new opportunities with a firm. This brought her to CCMH at the end of January. By the end of March,  the transplant from Colorado had found a new position and a new state to call home.

“I was so impressed with the people I met at CCMH. When I visited the facility everyone was so welcoming and caring about the community and patient care that this is the team I wanted to be a part of,” Kobel shared.

Kobel is undaunted as she takes over the CCMH CFO position. With her prior experience as a CFO for a rural facility, she understands the expectations. Her love of small towns and working in rural community healthcare will also help her to acclimate to CCMH. Kobel shared one of the draws for her to make the move to CCMH and Langdon permanently is the environment.

Small healthcare facilities like CCMH are appealing because it is a much more personal experience according to Kobel. This personal experience provides the opportunity for more effort and the feeling of really making a difference.

With small, rural facilities, however, there are also additional challenges. Unlike with larger facilities the efforts of those who work within the walls may not be enough if there is limited funding and resources.

“We have to have the same resources as a larger facility but with less staff. You get to wear many hats,” Kobel explained.

As Kobel looks towards the short-term future there is a lot that she has to look forward to. Her family and dogs will soon join her in Langdon, completing the transfer from Colorado to North Dakota. Like many in the area, she is also looking forward to the warmer weather that summer will bring along with all of the activities. Kobel is excited to enjoy outdoor activities, exploring the area lakes, and the beautiful scenery.

“I am very excited to be a part of the CCMH family. I am looking forward to supporting everyone here in their roles to give our hospital and clinics a strong financial foundation for the future as well as grow in the services provided,” Kobel shared.

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