Langdon City Commission discusses city ordinances

At the recent Langdon City Commission meeting, a few of the Langdon city ordinances were discussed. Langdon City Commission Chair Jerry Nowatzki stated that it is time the ordinances are enforced.

Posted 04/26/2019

By Melissa Anderson

Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth informed the Commission that there have been questions concerning Langdon City ordinance 6.0105 which relates to usage fees for city utilities such as water, sewer, and garbage within the commercially zoned areas of Langdon. The ordinance states that businesses must pay their actual usage or a minimum fee, whichever is greater. For businesses that do not have a direct hookup in their business, they are required to pay a utility usage minimum fee in addition to full garbage, special fees, and other miscellaneous fees as determined by the Langdon City Commission. The ordinance does have an exception for businesses that are owned by the same entity, located on the same premises and share the same employees as not being separate businesses.

Hoffarth explained that there are many businesses that have other businesses within their premises that have been subject to this. She does note that it has been questioned several times in the past by business owners as well.

“There are many businesses that this is the way it’s been. Sillers Law Office just sold their abstract business within their building; they get charged that second fee. Scott Stewart Law is charged,” Hoffarth said.

The commissioners discussed how the issue is handled, for instances, concerning home businesses as well.

Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel stated that if people continue to complain, they are more than welcome to come to the next meeting. Nowatzki was in support of that stating that people voicing concerns to the Commission is fine, but nothing drives it home like coming in and pleading their case. Hoffarth stated that the individual was more than willing to come in and speak with the Commission in person.

“Please invite, and we will address it again then,” Nowatzki stated.

The Commission received an update on the situation with the Gary Denault property. It appears that some progress has been made on the property to clear debris. Wenzel shared that progress has also been made on the legal side. Nowatzki stated that now that the snow has melted, the ordinances of the city need to be enforced. Several properties were discussed as being in violation and will be notified.

Hoffarth presented the housing incentive for those with new construction of a home or buying a home for the first time within Langdon. The commissioners discussed the incentives and the changes being suggested by Hoffarth to make them clearer to those hoping to utilize them. The Commission approved the incentives.

Moore Engineering gave an update on the water supply, both Phase I and Phase II projects. Moore’s Andrew Aakre suggested that now that these projects are well on their way to completion or nearing completion, a meeting should be held to discuss possible options for a new project.

In Other Business

• Hoffarth informed the Commission she has begun working on the city budget and made some recommendations.

• The police contract was tabled until Hoffarth can complete some more work on the budget.

• Dennis Luhmann approached the city to work with him on a paving project for his addition. Luhmann asked if the city would be willing to pay for the paving of intersections when he paves a street. The Commission tabled the request to review numbers.

• The resolution for annexation of the Downs property was passed by the Commission.