Junque Decor adds greenhouse

To say that Junque Decor owner Nancy Becker has a lot of ideas on how to be creative would not be an exaggeration. Now, Becker is channeling some of that creativity into growing some green. Becker has expanded her unique store of Junque Decor to now include a greenhouse full of vibrant plants.

Posted 5/16/19

By Melissa Anderson

“I have always loved flowers. I grew up with a mother that planted a huge amount of flowers. I thought with our store and all the metal garden art planters and vintage pieces, it was a good fit,” Becker explained.

Becker saw the opportunity this spring to fill a small niche in the gardening market. The location of Junque Decor made figuring out where to place a greenhouse a bit of work. The first step in making that process happen was to contact Nick Moser.

“He owns the land where the greenhouse is, and he was great to work with,” Becker shared.

After securing the location, Becker got her plants in a row prior to applying for a permit with the City of Langdon.

“I applied for a permit on a Thursday, and the city commission met Monday. Tuesday- I ordered my greenhouse,” Becker said of the quick process.

With location, permit, and shelter acquired, the last, but most important, step to realizing the new venture was having the flowers. For this, Becker received a helping hand from Wanda Overby Carlock.

“I need to give a shout out to Wanda for helping and ordering plants for me through her supplier,” Becker said.

The expanded Junque Decor has been open a few weeks now, and since that initial order of flowers, Becker has found her own grower to work with. The grower will plant what Becker wants, and Junque Decor will have its own section in one of their greenhouses.

“To me, that is pretty exciting,” Becker shared.

Becker will be able to pre-order large numbers for individuals, cemeteries, parks, etc. as well as helping Becker decide within reason, what goes in hanging baskets. Becker is also willing to try to fulfill requests on plants gardeners and plant enthusiasts may be interested in that were not available at the Junque location this year.

“Next year we hope to add vegetables and perennials and another greenhouse if all continues to go well.  So far we have had a great many shoppers stopping in,” Becker said.

So far, this first year of running the greenhouse has gone relatively smoothly. However, the joy of opening her greenhouse has been curtailed by the sadness of having a family member go through a tough illness. Becker’s time and attention has been shifting between helping customers at her greenhouse and helping her family member.

“Some days I will just have to close and go,” Becker shared.

The Junque Decor greenhouse has a goal of hours being Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sunday 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.