Langdon City Commission discusses business utility ordinance

The Langdon City Commission held a regular meeting followed by an annexation meeting on the evening of Monday, May 13. The Commission had extensive discussion on the results of Phase I which has had the commissioners receiving many complaints on the work done on 12th Avenue last summer. Moore Engineering’s Andrew Aakre was present and discussed that any repairs that needed to be done would be done at the contractor’s expense and not the city’s.

Posted 5/16/19

By Melissa Anderson

Aakre gave an update on the remaining items that needed to be completed for Phase I including the paving of 12th Avenue, the seeding restoration, and the work on the lagoon. Phase II is preparing to get underway, and Aakre reviewed with Commission what the contractor would like to do. Looking ahead to when Phase II is completed, Aakre stated that there is potential for a Phase III and that a public meeting to discuss what the citizens of Langdon want done may be arranged.

Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth reviewed the asbestos report following the inspection of city hall. The Commission reviewed the report and approved the removal of the asbestos.

Langdon business owner Karla Rademacher inquired about the city ordinance relating to business utilities. Rademacher explained that there is only one rent check being provided to the building owner and that 75 percent of her time is spent working for the main lease holder. The city sent a notice to Rademacher saying that she is to pay an additional fee for water and garbage utilities despite the usage of those utilities not changing dramatically to show cause for this charge.

The ordinance in question has been in place for over 30 years, but the Commission did agree to look into how the ordinance can be changed and how the Commission would go about doing that. Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel discussed the options that are available to change the ordinance.

The commissioners stated that with additional support from businesses affected as well as reviewing what other cities have for an ordinance for this type of situation would be helpful. The issue was tabled.