Langdon Area School Board meeting held

The Langdon Area School board had a very long agenda for their May meeting held on Monday the 20th.

Posted 5/23/19

By Melissa Anderson

The first item that was presented was from the administrators: LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson, LAHS principal Stephanie Hochhalter, and LAES principal Todd Hetler. They went over the assessment reports for LASD students. The administrators reported that the school assessment results were overall good as the students demonstrated growth and improvement.

A parent came forward during the meeting to address the board about the conduct of a teacher towards their child. The parent told the board that they felt that the verbal reprimand that the teacher received for going against school policy in the searching of their child’s locker was not enough. The parents requested that the teacher not be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony or at least be directed to sit far away from the stage. LASD board president Cindy Stremick stated that she felt the teacher should not be barred from attending the ceremony if they so choose; other board members were in agreement.

Christianson informed the board that retired LASD teacher Linda Hope had expressed interest in coming out of retirement to continue teaching at LAHS now that there is an opening for a science teacher. Christianson explained that he and Hope had reviewed the process required for her to come out of retirement and resume teaching for LAHS. The board later approved her teaching contract along with a new kindergarten teacher, Wendy Lorenz.

Christianson and the building committee informed the rest of the board about the process to initiate the district’s need to improve the two school buildings energy savings through replacement, updates and repairs. Christianson explained to the board how the contractor handling the project would be in charge of the bidding and bond process for the school. The school will need to implement a bond levy of 15 mills to pay for the projects and continue to have some funds for general maintenance. The board approved moving forward with the process to begin the work needed to hold a special bond vote in the fall.

In Other Business

• The board approved the coaches and extracurricular activity contracts.

• The ancillary staff were given the same percentage of a raise as the teachers.

• A mentorship program for all teachers new to the district will be implemented at LAS.

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