Langdon City Commission meeting held on Tuesday, May 28

The Langdon City Commission had plenty of business to attend to at their recent meeting held on Tuesday, May 28.

Posted 5/30/19

By Melissa Anderson



The first item on the agenda following department reports, which were “business as usual”,  was Moore Engineering. Andrew Aakre was not present at this meeting but did have a few items in need of the Commission’s attention. Two items from the bidding process needed to be corrected, which the commissioners approved.

City Commissioner Lawrence Henry provided an update on the renovation of Langdon City Hall. The cost estimate for the electrical work came in 2 times higher than what had originally been expected. The work will undergo a three week bidding process.

The business utility ordinance was discussed again, with Langdon City Auditor Roxanne Hoffarth informing the Commission that when she had asked other cities about the ordinance, there were none that were similar. Hoffarth contacted former Langdon City Commission Chair Chuck Downs for a possible history for the ordinance. Hoffarth conveyed what Downs had said- the ordinance had been put in place in the 70’s when large buildings were renting space. Hoffarth also noted that should the city remove all of the extra accounts that it would pose a substantial revenue loss for the city.

Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel stated that the Commission has the power to change the ordinance and that he also understands the point being made about the ordinance. He also stated that there may be a conflict of interest for the majority of the Commission as they are involved with businesses that could benefit from the change .

After some more discussion, Langdon City Chair Jerry Nowatzki decided that since no change will be made at the meeting that it could be reviewed in the future.

A request had been put in to place a “Dead End” sign on 9th Street in Langdon. Members of the Commission had viewed the street. Consensus was that the street is already heavily signed and is also more of a private drive. No decision was made.

Jim Nuelle requested that the city clear cattails from a drainage ditch by the south side of Langdon near the lagoon. The commissioners discussed if the area would fall into city jurisdiction or county. The Commission also discussed whether or not the Cavalier County Water Board should be involved in the decision as it is their responsibility to monitor drainage. The Commission tabled the issue until the next meeting.

Tom Hoyt requested the city to vacate an area in the Fairview addition. There was discussion on the area that was requested with the commissioners ultimately deciding to wait for input from Gary Bimler. The issue was tabled.

A variance request was put in by Ron Borgen as he has constructed a garage. After review, the Commission approved it.

The commissioners approved the sale of railroad property block 5 lot 1 and 2 to the resident who recently purchased the adjacent property.

The board approved the housing incentive application put in by Andrew Kreklau.

Henry reported on behalf of the planning and zoning committee stating that there had been a request to vacate a portion of street that had been platted but never developed. The committee had approved the vacate and also discussed vacating the remainder of the street. Wenzel stated that per city ordinance, a vacate could not take place without a petition. The planning and zoning committee will review and petition.

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