Sew on & Sew North receives Stonehenge recognition

If you have entered Sew On & Sew North recently, you may have noticed that there were arrows on the floor leading you to a spectacular and ingenious display of fabrics. Owner Peggy Davis invited customers to travel to Stonehenge, the famous landmark in England, through fabric designs created by Northcott Fabrics.

Posted 5/30/19

By Melissa Anderson

“Stonehenge fabric was created by two ladies, Deborah Edwards and Linda Ludovico. The one lady actually had a past in flooring design and tile work, and she created the Stonehenge fabric. It’s known for its gradations and its textural look,” Davis explained.

Northcott is celebrating 10 years of the fabric design and is doing so in style. The Stonehenge Solstice has a few different type of competitions that all lead to great prizes, one being a trip to see Stonehenge in Salisbury, England. The competition that Davis entered was the display challenge for shops carrying the Stonehenge fabrics.

“There were over 120 entries for the display challenge. At over a 120 entries, we were in the top 10. We are the only shop in North Dakota carrying this fabric and the only shop doing this,” Davis said.

This is what the Northcott Judges said about the Sew On & Sew North display: “This display from Sew On & Sew North from Langdon, ND, has a great concept that ties together in an interesting and fun way featuring arrows to guide customers around the store, as well as trunks, cameras and passports. The judges loved this display for its unique premise and commitment to theme!”

“We didn’t win, but we did get an honorable mention, and we are in a drawing for a trip,” Davis said.

Davis put in over 30 hours of work to create the items that were a part of the display made from the Stonehenge fabric. In talking with her daughter, Tatiana, about what kind of display she should do for the contest, the idea of making it about traveling to Stonehenge was conceived, and they went from there.

“When she first approached me about the challenge, everyone would obviously go for the Stonehenge literal. So we decided to play more from the travel aspect cause we figured it wasn’t as literal,” Tatiana said.

It took a whole afternoon for Davis, Tatiana, and friend Laurie Landsem to create the display. This was a new experience for Davis as she shared that she has never seen a contest like this for shops before.

“I would enter them if there were, but this is the only time I’ve ever seen this. I think it’s a big deal for them,” Davis said.

The display is still up at Sew On & Sew North, and Davis shared that there are other competitions for individuals to participate in using the Stonehenge fabrics until the end of the year. Stop in at Sew On & Sew North and ask for more information.

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