Lowery now seeing clients at Glitz & Glam

There is a new hairstylist in town, giving the Langdon Area more options and reasons to visit Glitz and Glam Beauty Bar. Crystal Lowery has taken up residence in the boutique and is now seeing clients both old and new. The former Rock Lake resident has 13 years of experience and has been looking for a way to begin working more in the Langdon location. Loving what you do and loving where you do it played a major part in Lowery’s decision to have space in Langdon.

Posted 6/27/19

By Melissa Anderson

“I was looking to get closer to town cause we live in Langdon now. I always wanted to work in town just because of the kids’ schedules and stuff,” Lowery explained.

A brief conversation with Glitz and Glam owner Barbara Crockett had Lowery taking a look at the location. It was decided that she had found where she could assist others with getting the hairstyles they want.

“I just love how she has everything in here. The shop is so cute. I love the woodwork, and it just attracted me to the cool looking space,” Lowery said.

Clients can stop in and have Lowery work her magic for a few different things- from hairstyling to haircoloring as well as doing more formal dos for weddings or special events.

“Right now, I’m just here on Wednesdays.”

Lowery’s favorite part of her profession is the end result- when clients get excited about seeing their new style and love what they see.

“It makes them feel good about themselves, and that’s what I like to see,” Lowery said.

Another part of being a hairstylist is the meeting of new people and being the confidant for the client.

“It’s a space where they can vent or celebrate or whatever they want to talk about and you’re just here to listen and make them feel good during the process.”

For Lowery, knowing what the client is in the mood for in terms of social interaction is key to having a successful appointment. Reading what the client will be like in the chair begins when the discussion of what the client wants done. It’s during this time that Lowery recognizes what kind of “vibe” the client is giving off and proceeds from there in terms of engaging them in conversation.

“Keep the conversation going, that’s what we have always been taught. It’s like, well they just want to be quiet and have their time cause it’s their get-away. Other people just like to visit the whole time and laugh and joke. It all depends on what their “vibe” is when they sit down in the chair,” Lowery explained.

Schedule your next haircut with Crystal Lowery at Glitz and Glam by calling 701-370-8471.

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