Mostoller Electric now in Langdon

One the biggest signs of a thriving community is the need for professional tradesman such as plumbers and electricians. The Langdon area has felt this pinch for several years now as the city undergoes growth spurts to accommodate the younger residents now calling the Langdon area home. Local Master Electrician Derak Mostoller has now started working for himself to help bring more light to this city on the prairie.

Posted 7/3/19

By Melissa Anderson

Mostoller recently launched his own electrical business after gaining valuable experience over the past eight years. Prior to the move to the Langdon area, Mostoller was working in Grand Forks where he “learned a lot of commercial, residential and some industrial wiring”. After so many years of working for others and the bright opportunity to start his own company in Cavalier County, the spark to start his own business struck Mostoller.

“My parents and grandparents are successful business owners along with my wife, Kristi. I want to be my own boss as well. I also feel Langdon and the surrounding areas could use another electrician,” Mostoller shared.

The rural area of Cavalier County is a familiar setting for the self-made man as he grew up on a farm. Becoming an electrician was not his first choice as a profession as his parents wanted him to have a career other than farming. Mostoller attended two years at Northland Community and Technical College and also took three years of Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC). IEC teaches electricians not only how to perform the work but why the work is necessary beyond that of a normal apprenticeship and also offers continued training for experienced electricians.

“I apprenticed for Bergstrom Electric and Right Choice Electric out of Grand Forks,” Mostoller explained.

As Mostoller prepares to switch over full-time to electrical work, he is still employed at Crystal Sugar. The employment there provides Mostoller with two to three days to complete projects for others and build the reputation that will insure continued success.

“I am a hard worker, motivated, and believe in doing quality electrical work,” Mostoller said.

Have a project in need of an electrician? Give Derak Mostoller a call or text to schedule your electrical work today at 370-7606.