Update on the Langdon city street construction

The residents of Langdon have had to adjust their routes to the city swimming pool for the last few weeks as summer construction crews work to improve infrastructure. The added bonus of the improved infrastructure is the investment in the City of Langdon’s future as better streets and infrastructure pave the way for development. The current focus of this work is completed roadways leading to the schools and municipal-owned grounds in the heart of the city.

Posted 7/3/19

By Melissa Anderson

“Work has been ongoing west of 7th Street with the replacement of sanitary sewer main and services, water main and services, and storm sewer mains,” Project Manager from Moore Engineering’s Andrew Aakre said.

Moore Engineering did a lot of research prior to the construction work beginning to have a better understanding of the challenges and areas that were most in need of attention. Thus far, the preparation conducted has kept the unforeseen challenges to a minimum. While still early in the project, the contractors are still on schedule according to Aakre. Construction has focused on 8th Street and the portion of 11th Avenue closest to the Langdon Area Elementary School.

“The average block costs about $250,000 to reconstruct for this project. This section accounts for a little over 25% of the total project,” Aakre shared.

Aakre explained that there were a couple of reasons why these two streets have been a priority. On 11th Avenue, the storm sewer discharges into the drain that carries water from the north side of town to the south, across the highway and railroad. The reconstruction of the storm sewer was started last summer as part of Phase 1, and this Phase 2 project completes the reconstruction of that portion of the piping. On 8th Street, the sewer serving the high school has deteriorated and given the City issues in recent years. This portion of the Phase 2 project was a priority to reconstruct that sanitary sewer to provide reliable service to the high school and adjacent blocks.

During the most recent Langdon City Commission meeting, concerns were raised about the damage that adjacent streets to construction areas have sustained. Between the heavy equipment traveling over the surfaces repeatedly and the natural wear and tear nature and use has put the surfaces through, Commissioner Cody Schlittenhard expressed concern that some streets will need to be repaired simply from the construction and work being done on other streets. Aakre addressed this by stating that beyond temporary road closures and access restrictions, construction can impact adjacent streets, depending on space available to stockpile excavated material and lay out piping to be installed.

“Impacts and potential repairs to streets as a result of construction need to be evaluated on a case by case basis, but the contractor is required to restore damages to the pre-construction condition,” Aakre shared.

The streets by the schools have an earlier completion date than the project as a whole to accommodate the start of school. Once these streets begin nearing completion, the construction company will shift focus to the remainder of the Phase 2 work. Aakre said that there is still quite a bit of work to be completed – including underground water and sewer installation on the following:

• 11th Avenue to 2nd Street

• 5th Street- from 11th Avenue to 14th Avenue

• 3rd Street – from 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue

• 13th Avenue – from 3rd Street to 2nd Street.

“After the underground work is completed, the asphalt paving, curb & gutter replacements, and site restoration would be completed,” Aakre stated.

The completion date for this work is mid to late September of 2019. Before that final push of construction and harvest fever sweeps the area, the Langdon City Commission will need to decide if there is to be a Phase 3. For this reason the City is planning a public meeting for July 22 to discuss the need for future infrastructure projects. Aakre stated that this would be a great opportunity for residents to provide input or feedback regarding work being completed or potential future improvements.

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