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24th Annual Rendezvous Region Music Fest set for July 19-21

The 24th Annual Rendezvous Region Music Fest is definitely going to be one that you won’t want to miss. The music will also play long and loud as organizers bring North Dakota bands from the local and national stage to the Boyd Block Plaza.

Posted 7/11/19

By Melissa Anderson

Make plans to come downtown and enjoy all the fun activities the 24th Annual Rendezvous Region Music Fest has set for you!

Langdon Firemen’s dinner at the Langdon Activity Center will be held on Friday, July 19 from 5-8 p.m. This yearly fundraiser provides the volunteer fire department a chance to not only show their culinary chops but raise money for necessary expenditures.

Following the Firemen’s dinner, attendees are invited to meander down to the south end of Langdon’s Main Street to enjoy the noisier side of the concurrent Rendezvous Region Rod Run. Chad and Tiffany Lombardi, founders and organizers of the event, will MC the muffler rap and loudest pipes contest. The Lombardis are proud to announce that the Rod Run is now a Midwest SPL sanctioned DB drags stereo competition. What does that mean? It’s going to get really loud on south Main Street as car owners compete to see who can reach the highest decibels. Following those competitions, it will be time to make some smoke as slow drags and the crowd favorite, burnouts, take place. The Rod Run goes out in neon flames, something you won’t want to miss. Friday night festivities will finish off with a band that gets nothing but “Hard Times” around the Rendezvous Region. The hometown band will be playing at the Langdon Eagles to get everyone in the Music Fest mood.

Downtown Langdon will be the place to be Saturday, July 20 for families and visitors alike as the list of activities to partake in is as long as Langdon’s Main Street and provides something for everyone. Families will be able to let their littles loose onto the inflatables that are again being generously sponsored by Langdon area businesses starting at 10 a.m.

While the kids burn off energy and after the viewing of cars, visitors can enjoy the sidewalk sales and food vendors. Christmas will come early to Langdon as businesses hold their annual Christmas in July during the Saturday festivities. The Rendezvous Region Rod Run enters its final day of bringing together classes of cars not often seen in the area. Besides viewing the car show entries, the Rod Run will continue to make noise with more competitions ranging from stereo to pit crew to 1/64 scale drag races.

Afternoon entertainment will also be provided by Rough Rider Pedal Pulls, a state-sanctioned pedal pull. Kids can try their might, and adults can as well. Kids pedal pulls will take place starting at noon with registration and is free for the kids to try. Adults wanting to take their chance will wait until 6 p.m. registration and have a fee of $10. Both pull events will take place on Main Street.

The crowning jewel of Music Fest will, of course, be the concerts Saturday night starting with the Fargo-based band, “The Great Outdoors”, and North Dakota’s own Nashville recording artists, songwriters and rising stars, “Tigirlily”.

“The Great Outdoors” will open Saturday night’s music blowout starting at 8 p.m. Started in 1998, these veterans of the stage have no limits to what they can throw out to an audience. From blazing country fiddle tunes and current country radio hits to Chicago blues and get your heart pumping classic and 80’s/90’s rock, the boys of “The Great Outdoors” have a playlist that any band would be jealous of.

“We don’t use a pre-planned set list for our shows. We prefer to tailer each show to the crowd. Sometimes we get audiences that prefer a more laid back kind of set and other times we get an audience that is ready to party,”  Ramon Gonzalez, “The Great Outdoors” member and manager, said. “We have a ton of tunes in our repertoire to draw from from classic country to modern rock. We can go from Waylon Jennings to Michael Jackson.”

The North Dakota music scene has plenty of talent but what sets “The Great Outdoors” apart is their vast variety of tunes they can play. With so many songs to choose from, these experienced musicians also have a lot of talent with instruments from featuring the fiddle to having three experienced vocalists, “the members of the band bring a ton of musicianship to the stage”.

“I believe we will even be featuring a saxophonist for the Langdon show. We have one that comes out to do occasional shows with us,” Gonzalez shared.

The band is no stranger to Langdon as they have performed before for the local crowd a time or two. Events like Music Fest, however, are unique in that most of the time, those in the audiences are there to just listen. “The Great Outdoors” does everything they can to encourage their crowds to enjoy the music, give them requests, and maybe even dance around a bit. That is a rewarding experience for both the audience and the band.

“We are indeed looking forward to hitting the area again. Nice folks and a great atmosphere,” Gonzalez said. “There is nothing else we would rather do than play music.”

“Tigirlily” will take Music Fest to new heights starting at 11 p.m. as the sister act and their full Nashville-based band end the night on notes only they can hit. Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, lead singer and guitarist, combine distinctive talents to comprise the genre-bending duo. Officially starting their professional careers as musicians in 2013, “Tigirlily” is diversely influenced and hard to box in. The pair have crafted a remarkable sound, appealing to pop, folk and country audiences alike with over 200,000 fans on their social sites. Currently residing in Nashville, “Tigirlily” performs multiple times per week.

“We play downtown between one to three times a week. We are playing a lot in Nashville and then we are coming to North Dakota and playing in the Midwest region which we love cause we love getting to come back home or getting close to home,” Kendra shared.

The Nashville scene has been very good to “Tigirlily”, and the duo takes special pride in announcing their home state every time they play, much to the audiences’ enjoyment. Kendra explained that there are not many musicians from North Dakota and surrounding states.

“It’s always fun, especially down here in Nashville, when we find our other North Dakotans,” Kendra said.

The duo is not only playing music but making music and recently had an original song recorded by Taryn Papa and featured on ESPN as the 2019 theme song for the National Fast Pitch league.

“It’s really exciting to see your creativity come to life in a different way than you’re normally used to,” Krista said.

“Tigirlily” has an extensive cache of original songs that they play and have made music videos for. The inspiration for these songs come from their own life experiences as well as the stories of others. The songs they write are about all the experiences life has to offer at every stage of the journey.

“People our age, people a little bit younger than us, could be people older than us. Just people going through real things in life and just trying to figure it all out,” Kendra and Krista said. “Anyone who feels love or going through heartbreak or figuring out life that’s all things in our target market.”

The songs that audiences hear at live performances is an eclectic mix of original and covers. The well-tuned shows have not gone unnoticed by familiar names in country music.  The duo have opened up for musical talents such as LeAnn Rimes, Big and Rich, Justin Moore, Chris Janson, Thompson Square, Love and Theft, and Raelynn.

“We find ourselves ending up with a lot of duos which is fun for us because obviously we are a duo,” Kendra said.

“It’s really cool when we get to do that because we get to learn a little bit from every different performer we meet and see perform,” Krista added.

“Tigirlily” is currently in the studio recording and are eager to release their new music to the world. The goal for them is to find themselves on tour with a big name. The duo shared that their ultimate dream tour would be with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, or Maren Morris. Until that day arrives, the hard work and dedication required to be successful musicians has not deterred the sisters from making it to the”big time”.

“We will continue to do that journey and that road. We are not giving up yet; we are just getting started,” Krista said.

What is Music Fest without fireworks? Be sure to have your eyes on the sky Saturday night and enjoy the boom, bang, and color light up the night.

Sunday afternoon closes out the 24th Annual Rendezvous Region Music Fest with a hard tug as the tractor pull once again takes place by Dan’s Car Wash on the west side of Langdon, just off Highway 5.

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