LAS Board holds special meeting

The Langdon Area School board held a special meeting on the morning of Monday, August 12 to discuss fees, security, and spending.

Posted 08/15/2019

By Melissa Anderson

The short meeting resulted in the board’s decision to raise the fees for activity passes by $10. The new costs for activity passes are now for adults/business – $70; non-student athletes – $50; student athletes – $60. The cap for families has been set at $120.

Securing the schools has been a ongoing topic with the board. The current key fob system that is in place at both the high school and elementary school are not compatible with Windows 10, forcing the school to replace the system so it can function. The cost for replacement will be funded through the building fund.

The board discussed spending limits for teachers in their classrooms. The decision was made to create a administrative roll in the process whereby a teacher must have their spending approved prior to purchase by the administrator. The limit for spending was set at $200. This new policy will take go into effect next year.

The board also discussed ancillary staffing. After discussion, the board will make a full review of ancillary staff positions beginning in 2020.

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