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Some new and some familiar faces to greet students

With area schools ready to open their doors to students for the new school year, the teachers within are just as ready to undertake their tasks of educating youth. While Munich Public School will have familiar faces returning to lead their classrooms, the schools in Langdon will have new faces and some familiar faces returning to new roles.

Posted 08/15/2019

By Melissa Anderson

Langdon Area Schools

Linda Hope is a long-time Langdon Area High School educator who found retirement to be lacking the enthusiasm of high schoolers and the thrill of science.

“I am coming back to teaching because when I did long-term subbing in the science department last spring, I really realized how much I missed it—both the students and teaching science,” Hope explained. “Also many of the students strongly encouraged me to come back.  Mr. Christianson also encouraged me to return;  he really knows how much I love science!”

The educating veteran will be, once again, leading her students in scientific discovery. The areas Hope will teach are life science to 7th grade, 8th grade Earth science, physical science to freshman, and high school chemistry and anatomy.

“I am looking forward to being with our youth.  I love their enthusiasm and want to help instill in them the love of science and the love of learning,” Hope shared. “My philosophy of education is to be a life-long learner, and as I teach I also learn so much from the students.  They have so much to offer.  I am excited and can hardly wait to be back in the classroom!”

Wendy Lorenz will be instilling a love of learning to one class of kindergartners at Langdon Area Elementary School this year. The University of North Dakota graduate already has a few years of teaching experience having taught third grade at Sweetwater Elementary in Devils Lake before moving to the Fargo-Moorhead area.  While living in Fargo, Lorenz taught kindergarten at Dilworth Elementary.

“I’m super excited to be teaching kindergarten again!  It has always been my favorite age group to work with.  I am also excited to be teaching back at the same school I went to and that my kids now attend,” Lorenz said.

As a kindergarten teacher, Lorenz explained that she believes it is very important to give students a positive first experience towards school and learning. Her goals for the year are to have her students come excited to learn each day, ready to make friends, and learn how to be a positive part of the classroom community.

“I am excited to be heading back to school soon, and I know it will be a great year,” Lorenz commented.

St. Alphonsus Catholic School

Samantha Hegg is originally from Thompson and will embark on her teaching career in Langdon. Hegg attended North Dakota State University for a time before graduating from UND this past May. She knew a smaller community was where she wanted to get her start.

“After growing up in Thompson, I knew I wanted to teach in a small, close-knit community. I student taught in Langdon under Andrea Lorenz during my final semester with UND,” Hegg shared. “I have come to love the area and am excited to be part of such a welcoming community.”

In her first year, Hegg will be teaching 4th grade and is looking forward to being in the classroom from the start of the year to the finish. Hegg is eager to meet her students and focus on building relationships and putting them first.

“No two students or classes are alike. Education challenges you to continue to grow and find new ways of reaching each of your students. Teaching provides you with the opportunity to continue to learn through experience and collaboration,” Hegg explained.

Being the oldest sibling, Hegg took on a teaching role very early in life. For her, being a part of her siblings’ learning experiences and helping them grow soon became a passion that sparked her interest in teaching as a career.

“I came into education to help make a difference in the lives of as many students as I can,” Hegg shared.  “I plan on embracing this year’s class size. This will allow me to incorporate technology and differentiated instruction daily to help meet the needs of each student.”

Lindsey Meidinger assisted with the preschool program during last school year by subbing and this year will be a staple in the room. Meidinger attended Northland Community College in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, graduating with a degree as a Occupational Therapy Assistant.

“I have not taught full-time, but I am also a substitute teacher so I did get some subbing in last year,” Meidinger explained.

Preschool is an exciting time for children as they begin to experience what school will be like. Meidinger is excited to be the first to hopefully make their subsequent school years a positive and exciting experience for them. As an educator, seeing her students “little faces light up when they come to school and learn new things” will be highlights of her year.

“I hope to accomplish a positive and fun learning experience for the kids. I have some big shoes to fill!  Mrs. Hope has developed a very awesome program, and I hope to help it continue to grow,” Meidinger shared.

Some challenges that Meidinger foresees for herself as a first year teacher in the preschool room will be staying on schedule. Learning the routine and time management will be essential as the class will  “only have three hours to have fun”.

“I am excited to meet and spend time getting to know the kids and families that will be attending preschool this year,” Meidinger shared.

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