Langdon City Commission held a quiet meeting

The Langdon City Commission conducted business on Monday, August 26 addressing a few concerns regarding the ongoing infrastructure projects.

Posted 8/29/19

By Melissa Anderson

Moore Engineering’s Andrew Aakre gave updates to the city commission on the projects that have been undertaken. Both the water supply improvement project and Phase II had little to be updated upon; it was Phase I that had the most issues to contend with.

Quam Construction, which won the general contract for the Phase I work, will be sent a letter by Aakre to create a schedule to complete remaining items on the punch list before the next meeting in September. Aakre explained that should Quam not respond within that time frame, the city would be forced to hire individual entities to complete the project. The payments for this work would come from the retainment for the project and be paid directly from the city rather than through the general contractor.

“I’ve talked with a local contractor…and he has an issue with the work that he did on 7th Street already. He did the work, it was repair work on the project, and he has not been paid by the general contractor at this point,” Aakre stated.

In order to expedite the completion of the project and head off any other issues with non-payment, Aakre feels the more aggressive approach to handling the stalling is necessary. It has been over a month since Quam has done any work regarding the project.

“We have to give the contractor the chance to make good on this contract. That’s why, by the next meeting, if there is still inaction we will have to go to the next step,” Aakre explained.

Phase II is progressing and, while not ahead of schedule, is within reason for the time frame.  Discussion turned to the deteriorating curb and gutter along 8th Street. The Commissioners and Aakre also noted that the sidewalks along that street were also in need of repair. The area around the elementary school that would be most likely to be replaced is about 460 feet. Aakre explained that this repair would cost approximately $30,000. To have all of the curb and gutter repaired that needs it in the areas where Aakre viewed, the city would be looking at closer to $100,000.

Another concern raised regarding curb and gutter was for the trees located on the park side of 8th Street. The trees located along the berm have had their roots damaged significantly making their survival questionable.

Aakre said that he would question Spruce Valley to determine if it would be possible for them to complete the work. Timing would be the biggest issue as they work to complete the larger aspects of Phase II. Aakre will also review potential grants for both curb and gutter replacement and for trees.

The Commission followed up with residents who had voiced complaints about a property. Both Gendrau and Girodat were satisfied with the efforts made by the owner to address their concerns.

Commission Chair Jerry Nowatzki asked at the last meeting if the Chaputs had a long-term plan for the property. Langdon City Building Inspector Gary Bimler reported that he attempted to view the interior of the residence but was denied access. The owners also denied access to the residence for the North Dakota Department of Health.

Kevin Stein addressed the Commission with an annexation request for property he owns that is just north of Stein Auto Body. The commissioners directed Stein to the process for annexation and the next step for him to have the property annexed into the city.

In Other Business

• Langdon Activity Center Director Judy Lill and Bimler informed the Commission on needed repairs and updates to the activity center entrances. Lill also informed the commissioners that the issue of heat in the building may be resolved through improvements to fresh air regulation.

• Hoffarth informed the commissioners that the final budget hearing is set for Monday, September 9.

• The Commission reviewed the specs submitted by Dennis Luhmann for the paving of an intersection and street. The city tabled the issue and will wait for additional specs to come in before making a decision.

• The commissioners reviewed some minor changes in wording made to the police contract. They also requested that the sheriff attend one meeting a month to give a report.

• The Commission discussed a property located at 103 3rd Street. Bimler informed the commissioners that the property’s foundation was unstable and caving in. The Commission directed Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel to find the absentee owners of the property to begin condemnation proceedings.

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