OCLC welcomes Schill to staff

The Osnabrock Community Living Center has welcomed a Director of Nursing to their staff.  Janie Schill, a registered nurse, joined the OCLC family in April of 2019 and has enjoyed her time with the residents immensely.

Posted 8/29/19

By Melissa Anderson

“I loved the relaxed, home-like environment OCLC gives to their residents,” Schill shared.

Her career as a nurse was a natural choice. Schill explained that she has always wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives. She attended Lake Region State College where she earned a two year associate degree in nursing through the Dakota Nursing Program. Originally from Devils Lake, Schill moved to Langdon in 2015 when she married Trevor Schill.

At the OCLC, Schill cares for up to 17 residents providing them with medical aspects of their care. Some of those duties include medication management, care plans, and family communication.

“I also help oversee staff and help them maintain licensure and certifications for their jobs,” Schill explained. ”All of us at OCLC work together to ensure our residents needs are met and their ‘home’ is taken care of as they wish and need.”

The respite and basic care facility offers residents a feeling of being “home” rather than in a home.

“I love coming to work and being greeted by my residents. They have all become a part of my family. I love being able to provide them the care they need so they can thrive in their own ‘home’. ”

At OCLC,  Schill shared that all the staff are universal workers as no one has one specific job- we are serving meals, doing laundry, giving baths, housekeeping. ect. The flexibility this work environment provides gives Schill the ability to put down her paperwork and, instead, focus on residents.

“A task so little can brighten their entire day, and I love being able to put a smile on their faces. I also love that they are all a part of my family now- they know my kids and enjoy seeing updated pictures or when they come to visit after hours,” Schill explained.

Schill not only gained a new position this summer but also celebrated her 5th year of nursing. When speaking to others about her career,  she notes that a lot of people say, “I could never do what you do, I could never be a nurse”. For Schill, she can’t imagine being anything else.

“Nursing can be hard, but you’re most terrible/busy days most likely ended up with comfort to your patient and family because of the kindness, care, and compassion you showed them and that outweighs it all and makes being a nurse worth it,” Schill said.

Schill shared that there is nothing more humbling than helping a patient and their family through a difficult time in their lives.

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