Borchardt brings Greenberg Realty to town

The housing market in Cavalier County, and specifically the Langdon area, has been a hot topic for various reasons over the years. Langdon native Abby Borchardt is ready to jump into those waters and assist those looking for a change in their housing situation as she has recently gained her realtor’s license. Borchardt has joined Grand Forks-based Greenberg Realty.

Posted 9/5/19

By Melissa Anderson

“Real estate is something I’ve been interested in for a while. My husband and I have talked about it as a career possibility for me for a number of years and finally decided now was the time,” Borchardt shared.

The draw for Borchardt to embark on this voyage of realty is the fact she has “always been curious about homes and the different styles, layouts, etc.”. Her appreciation for residential architecture spans across all eras and their distinct styles.

“However, in our area, I’m looking forward to assisting clients in all types of real estate including commercial and agricultural- not just residential,” Borchardt said.

Navigating the waters of realty is no easy task for those unfamiliar with the process. As those who have gone through the purchasing or selling of a home know, real estate is truly a different world and can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate.

“It can be wise to have someone in your corner who is familiar with the workings of the market,” Borchardt stated.

Personal experience of handling the sale and purchase of real estate gave Borchardt insight into how daunting the task can be. Prior to receiving her real estate education and completing the testing this past year, Borchardt and husband Todd had waded into the real estate market when buying homes and residential lots. From the whirlpool of the Grand Forks housing market to the more sedate pace of Langdon, the experiences gave Borchardt a feel for what lay ahead as a fun and exciting time.

“We are so happy with our home and neighborhood [in Langdon]. I think there may have been some misconceptions about my being an agent with Greenberg and people thinking that meant we were relocating to Grand Forks or that I would be working in Grand Forks, Borchardt explained. “We are very much staying in Langdon, and I am working primarily in Langdon! We love our home and our community, and I want to help others find a home they love as much as we love ours.”

The perk of working with Borchardt as a realtor is her connection to Greenberg Realty. Greenberg has been helping home buyers since 1981 giving Borchardt the knowledge and support of a well-established team. The company also has a nationwide reach as they utilize a multiple listing service (MLS) platform, which will bring exposure to properties for sale in the area .

By having the MLS, Borchardt explained that her clients will have an online directory of homes for sale. It is nationwide and typically used in most markets giving the properties listed online the most exposure as it also posts listings to Trulia,, and Zillow.

“There are so many great existing homes in Langdon and the surrounding areas; I’d love to help clients take advantage of what’s here,” Borchardt shared.

That aspect and being part of the National Association of Realtors, which hold to their high standards and code of ethics, ensures that Borchardt’s clients can expect to have the best service possible. For those looking to purchase or sell, Borchardt believes that it is always wise to put thought into a decision regarding this type of investment. She explained that people’s homes are usually the largest investment they make; it is important to do your due diligence when seeking assistance in real estate to ensure the agent’s style aligns with your goals.

“I’m loving it so far, and I haven’t even had a transaction yet,” Borchardt said.

Borchardt is looking forward to her future assisting clients in making their housing dreams a reality and already has a few open houses planned. To contact Abby Borchardt for realty services,please give her a call or text at 701-370-9713. She can be reached via email at, and you can also find her at Abby Borchardt, Greenberg Realty on Facebook.

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