County Commission has short agenda

The Cavalier County Commission had a short agenda for the afternoon meeting following  the Labor Day weekend. As has been the topic of prior meetings, the ongoing social service redesign implementation was the focus of the meeting held on Tuesday, September 3.

Posted 9/5/19

By Melissa Anderson

Commissioner Stanley Dick reviewed the latest proposals for approval stemming from a meeting of the interim committee for the zone composed of Cavalier, Pembina, and Walsh counties. The proposals that came from the recent meeting included a name for the zone, board composition, and interim director.

The recent meeting produced suggestions of having the name for the zone be the Northern Valley Human Services Zone.  The zonal board suggestion was to have Cavalier County be represented by Dick, Dave Zeis, and Amy Kram; Walsh County be represented by Karen Anderson and Ann West; and Pembina County by Manny Doyle and Debra Fraser.  Part of the state suggestion for board composition was to include a legislator. To meet that suggestion, the interim committee contacted and appointed District 10 Senator Janne Myrdal.

Because of the need for an interim director to head the board until a zonal director is appointed, Dick volunteered himself to be the director for the group. The county commissioners listened to Dick’s reasoning for each suggestion put forward and ultimately approved all three.

The Commission met with Cavalier County States Attorney Scott Stewart to discuss two legal matters for the county. It was during this time that Stewart also introduced Angelo Mondragon, who is working with Stewart as a paralegal at this time. One of the  two issues that Stewart addressed was the lease agreement with Cavalier County Memorial Hospital. The agreement is for the use of the Cavalier County Search and Rescue building to house the ambulance vehicles. Stewart stated that the contract is now satisfactory, and the commissioners approved it.

The other legal issue discussed was the asset forfeiture policy. Stewart explained that while asset forfeiture is a common occurrence in Cavalier County, having the policy in place to explain what the assets seized are used for would be a good idea. The Commission approved the policy presented by Stewart that would have forfeited assets being utilized by the criminal justice departments of Cavalier County.

Commission Chair Dave Zeis requested input from Stewart on the recent request for bids on the siding project for the Cavalier County Social Services building. The county received approval from the state to pursue the residing of the building and bids have been submitted. Stewart did not see any issue with those bids as they would be classified as capital improvement which recently had the threshold for bid process raised at the state legislature.

In Other Business

• Commissioner Nick Moser requested input from Stewart on the current sale of a Cavalier County Weed Board utility vehicle. Stewart stated he would review the statues.

• Cavalier County resident Tom Borgen posed some concerns to the Commission that were addressed over the course of the meeting.

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