Hockey Boosters bring gaming to Sporty’s Bar and Grill

When there isn’t much to do in a small town, finding ways to entertain yourself can be difficult. Sporty’s Bar and Grill is making efforts to become the meeting place for fun and good times as they expand, bringing in not only space to gather but space for gaming.

Posted 9/12/19

By Melissa Anderson

Sporty’s already had the electronic and regular pull tabs in place but knew that other forms of entertainment could be added. The Langdon Hockey Boosters needed a way to raise money for the hockey program and the arena. The win-win situation brings gaming for Sporty’s customers with the hockey boosters getting the profits from the gaming.

“When Sporty’s opened the new side, the opportunity was there for both Sporty’s and the hockey boosters. Johnsons had requests from customers to get the gaming tables, so the hockey boosters made the decision to jump on board and brought in Blackjack and Pigwheel,” explained Runa Anderson, gaming site manager.

The gaming is a way for the hockey boosters to bring in money to help with expenses. Because the Langdon Blades are an independent team and not associated with a local school,  funding the program requires hard work and dedication. The monetary needs for the Langdon Blades includes paying for the ice, insurance on the arena, utilities, upkeep, cooling and coaches- just to name a few.

“It’s pretty much everything to make the hockey program possible,” Anderson said.

The blackjack and the Pigwheel opened  for play the same day that Sporty’s opened the new side. Currently in their fourth month of operation the gaming tables have been busy and well received.

“There are some nights that it’s a bit slow early in the evening, but we have not had a night where we haven’t had people playing until we close the tables,” Anderson said. “More often than not we keep the tables open later. People who aren’t familiar with Pigwheel are often intrigued and that is enough to get them hooked. It is a fun game especially when you have a fun group playing.”

Langdon Hockey Boosters-sponsored blackjack and Pigwheel are open for fun games of chance and skill every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

“I want to thank the staff – Lori Peterson, Steph Nelson, Chad Mittleider and Nick Moser – for all your hard work and the hours you put in,” Anderson said.

If there is an event or occasion where someone would like to have the tables open outside regular hours, arrangements can be made to have them open for the event through Sporty’s Bar and Grill.

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