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What we value

Posted 9/19/19

By Melissa Anderson

Facebook ads are the worst. Often a scam, they pull you in thinking this may be just the thing you are looking for. For me in particular, Facebook likes to taunt me with the things that are hard to find locally – like delicious macaroons.

These entirely decadent little cookies are a weakness I developed when I decided that testing my baking skills was a necessity. I bought the ingredients and put it all together. At the time, I made a lot. They were good to me since I had never had one before, but I wondered what a macaroon from someone who knew what they were doing would be like. This was a few years ago. I have since gotten better, but by no means would I consider myself a pro at making them.

I have experimented with flavors and invested in some tools to make the process easier, but the overall effort and patience is still just about the same. It is relatively quick to make the shells and the filling. What is not quick is waiting for the pay out.

Back to the reason for the Facebook ads. The social media platform has been mocking me with an advertisement for macaroons from a company based in Florida. After trying to resist for weeks and eventually doing some research to make sure this was, in fact, a real company, really located in Florida, and really making the macaroons- I was so desperate to try I took the leap and ordered some.

I only ordered about a dozen thinking that if they were not good, it would be easier to cry as I ate a dozen rather than try to stomach the waste of money if I ordered more. I need not have worried. My vetting of the company paid off, and the macaroons delivered to me were worth it.

Reviewing the cost versus benefit for me on this experience showed that the money I spent was worth it in the long run. I finally got to enjoy the dessert that had been just out of my reach with my own skills. Having the professionally made macaroons with their eccentric flavors definitely out did the mediocre, and somewhat costly, at home attempts I had tried to make.

I hope that when others consider what they value, they take into account the bang for the buck and the worth of having someone who knows what they are doing be given the chance. After all, that’s what they are paid to do.

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