Langdon City Commission meeting

Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth reported that the sidewalk improvement project was being finalized at a cost of approximately $100,000, but with the North Central Planning grant funding the city was only responsible for $11,484 of that.

Posted 9/26/19

By Melissa Anderson

Hoffarth reported on the previous requests for research into possibly raising rates to cover the cost of mosquito spraying. Hoffarth brought up raising the residential and commercial rates for street lights; there were two options for rate increases either taking place at a smaller rate for a full year or a high rate increase for only 6 months. The issue was tabled for further research into cost savings with LED lights and possible rate increases from power companies.

Moore Engineering reported that the contractor was no longer interested in removing the damaged trees along the berm on 8th Street. Moore conveyed that with the Commission’s request to salvage the sidewalk, the contractor would not be able to complete the task unless new sidewalk was laid.

Langdon City Commissioner Cody Schlittenhard contacted the Forestry Service at NDSU which provided some direction on the removal of the trees as well as possible grant funding available to plant new trees. Langdon Park Board member Holly Lyons was present at the meeting to voice her concerns about the removal of the trees. The Commission explained that with so much damage done to the root systems of the trees the likelihood of the trees surviving is not high.

There was discussion on who would be responsible for the grant application between park board members Lyons and Tom Beauchamp and the Commission . The Commission felt that they would most likely be responsible for it. The type of trees that would be used to replace the trees that have been damaged was also discussed. A safety issue of the trees no longer having substantial roots to keep the trees in place was also raised. How the new placement of the trees and type of tree to plant was also discussed as was the pros and cons of having the sidewalk flush with the curb.

In Other Business

• Langdon City Sanitation director Tom Beauchamp reported that plans to have the former Johnny’s Angel Restaurant building torn down have been put in place and that the city landfill will be prepared to possibly receive the demolition.

• The Commission will get a quote on the cleaning of cattails out of a culvert next to the airport.

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