Cavalier County Commission meeting held

The Cavalier County Commission had a lot to discuss during the meeting on October 1. The commissioners met first with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston and representatives from KLJ to discuss the future road projects that need to take place in Cavalier County. Discussion also included potential funding from both the federal and state levels.

Posted 10/3/19

By Melissa Anderson

Cavalier County Sheriff Greg Fetsch updated the Commission on the department. Fetsch explained that he will be having the older Sheriff’s Department pickup be stationed in Munich for use there in times of emergency. The commissioners also reviewed and approved the policing contract with the City of Langdon.

Equipment replacement was the majority of Fetsch’s report. The need for cameras was discussed by Fetsch as the current cameras are very old and prone to failure in the vehicles. The future of law enforcement will also likely include the use of body cameras, something Fetsch is already planning for in his budget. Cavalier County States Attorney Scott Stewart stated that the replacement of cameras would not only benefit the Sheriff’s Department but assist him in executing his duties as prosecutor for the county.

Stewart addressed the Commission on two issues of his own. One of the issues was certification of Cavalier County to be a part of a class action lawsuit against pharmaceuticals for the opioid crisis. Stewart explained that notice has been given that the county is part of the class action. He also added that should the county choose, there is the option to opt out of the class action lawsuit. Stewart recommends the county remain in the class action suit.

Stewart also discussed the conditional use permit for a tower. A letter had been received from the engineer for the tower stating that the tower does not meet the conditional use permit. The letter did not satisfy the counties request to confirm that should the tower fail it would break in half reducing the total length of the tower by 50 percent once it hits the ground.Stewart advised that company that it will need to provide documentation that states the tower meets the criteria.

In Other Business

• The commissioners reviewed and adjusted the values for the properties that will be put on the  Cavalier County Tax Sale.

• The Commission held a public hearing to review and approve zoning regulations within the county. These regulations would apply to rural residential properties that are in townships without a current zoning policy and are not farm/ag exempt. The policies were approved as presented.

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