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The Mystery of the Boyd Block Rock

Posted 10/3/19

By Jake Kulland

Let’s start this week with something that isn’t really sports worthy, but still an interesting story.  I do a talk show weekdays during the 1 p.m. hour on KNDK 1080, and something came up that piqued my curiosity.  Shannon Duerr was our guest from the Cavalier County Job Development Authority, and she is also on the Boyd Block Committee.  What that committee has been doing the last several years, is to keep improving the lot where the Boyd Block building stood just north of the Langdon Eagles Club.  If you have attended Musicfest within the last 10 years or so that’s where it is.  Anyway, the old Boyd Block rock or stone sign from the top of the building was saved when the building burned to the ground years ago.  That sign is now deteriorating somewhat, and they want to repair portions of it.  The issue is that know what seems to know what it is made out of to fix it.  At first they thought it was limestone, but that was incorrect.  They actually sent in a sample to the state geology lab and believe or not the results were inconclusive.  I mean, what is it made out of… Krytonite?  Asteroid?  If you have any ideas on what it could be, please contact Shannon or any Boyd Block member.  It’s a big part of Langdon’s history, and they want to keep it in tact.

Homecoming and Senior Night coming for Cardinals Football

A big week ahead is coming for the Langdon-Edmore-Munich Cardinals football team.  It’s Homecoming Week for the Cards, and a number of great activities will be held at the school including the King and Queen Coronation, along with dress up days throughout the week.  The big game will happen on Oct. 11, where the Cardinals will host Carrington.  If will also be Senior Night that evening, as this will be the Cards last regular season home game.  Nine seniors — Noah Anderson, Jackson Delvo, Hunter Feil, Jesse Fetsch, Sean Gette, Wyatt Kartes, Brett Myers, Peyton Ullyott and Sid Ullyott all will recognized before the game with their parents.  It’s crazy that we are already getting to this point of the season, as it seems it just began.  Their will also be a Homecoming volleyball match for the Lady Cards, where they will host St. John on Oct. 10.  We hope everyone enjoys a fun Homecoming week.

Langdon Invitational Volleyball Tournament ramps up the competition

We will close this week by inviting everyone to come out to the annual Langdon Invitational Volleyball Tournament, to held Oct. 12 at the Langdon High School Gym.  This years 10 team tourney has been charged up with a number of new, highly competitive teams.  In this years field are the top three teams from last years State B Volleyball Tournament in Thompson, Oakes and Langdon-Edmore-Munich.  Add to that some great clubs from Hillsboro-Central Valley, Midkota, Richland and even Shiloh Christian is coming up from Bismarck to play in the tourney this year.  Some local teams in North Border and Cavalier will help fill out the pools, and both of those teams also have been having nice seasons as well.  We asked Cardinals coach Rich Olson about this years tournament and he said, “We lost some teams to a Grafton tourney that is the same day as ours, so we put the word out across the region to find some teams and got a lot of great responses.  I feel that this will be the most competitive tournament that we have ever had in the history of the event, and hope that people come out and watch some very entertaining volleyball”.  The action will get underway at 9:00 a.m. on Oct. 12, with the semifinals and finals beginning at four.  Hear the semis and title matches on KNDK 1080 and

“See ya!” next week!

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