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What a week it has been

Posted 10/18/2019

By Jake Kulland

When we last visited, snow was just beginning to come down in what turned out to be a two, nearly three blizzard, which ran from Oct. 10-12.  They say upwards of 30 inches of snow fell in various portions of Cavalier County.  Now, I’ve always been skeptical of snowfall amounts.  I mean, when snow is falling in 40 plus miles an hour winds, who does anyone really know for sure.  We actually asked long meteorologist Mick Kjar, who joined me on the air recently, and he said “You can’t.  When it’s coming sideways it impossible to get an exact measurement.”  Mick actually thought it may have been more than 30 inches that fell.  No matter how much it actually was, no doubt it was a lot of the white stuff came down, which has caused a number of issues, most importantly that field work and harvest came to an abrupt halt.  On Oct. 17 when we wrote this column it felt more like April than October, as temps were back up near 50 degrees and everything is melting nicely, although I’m sure not fast enough for many. With playoffs looming for the Langdon-Edmore-Munich Cardinals, it was unclear at press time if they would be able to host a postseason game on Oct. 26 or not. The Cards already had to regular season games moved to Grand Forks and East Grand Forks due to poor field conditions, and hopefully the warm weather will allow the Cardinals home playoff game to truly be played at home.  We also need to give a big shout out this week to all of the county and city road crews plus independent contractors who worked very long hours moving all of the snow that fell in some very rough conditions.  Great job by all!

Cardinals volleyball team ready for a very busy week ahead

With the poor weather things have been moved around big time.  Along with the Cardinals football games moved with more possible in the future, the Langdon-Edmore-Munich volleyball team also had one postponement and one cancellation due to the storm.  The Lady Cards were to play St. John for their Homecoming match on Oct. 10, but that has been pushed back to Oct. 25 in Langdon.  The Langdon Invitational Volleyball Tournament also was outright cancelled on Oct. 12. There were teams coming from too far away to try and find a makeup date.  So, that means the Cardinals will have four matches this week, plus getting into a tournament in Carrington on Oct. 19 to make up for the one in Langdon.  Langdon-Edmore-Munich will play at Park River on Oct. 21, at home in Edmore versus New Rockford-Sheyenne on Oct. 22, at Harvey-Wells County on Oct. 24, then again at home versus St. John Oct. 25.  It’s a crazy week for the Lady Cards, but I’m sure they would rather play than practice.

Cardinals football gets a 3-peat as Region 2A champions;  Winning streak at 20

We talked Langdon-Edmore-Munich football a bit in the words above, but we need to really give them their due, as a win over Carrington recently clinched the third straight Region 2A title for the Cardinals.  That is such an incredible achievement, and one that is not easy at all to do.  The Cards have not lost a game since losing the 2017 State A Championship, and their winning streak is now at 20 in a row.  It’s unreal, and something that everyone, from the players, the coaching staff and all are involved in the program should be extremely proud of.  If you ask any of them though, that streak means nothing if it doesn’t end in another state title, and that’s what is at stake when they begin the postseason in less than a week.  We congratulate the team and exciting for more good times to come. Cavalier, North Prairie and St. John have also made the 9 Man Playoffs which also begin on Oct. 26, and we them all well.

State Cross Country Meet coming Oct. 26

Along with the football playoffs beginning, the 2019 State A & B Cross Country Meet will be held on Oct. 26 at Souris River Golf Course.  Langdon-Edmore-Munich will have both of their boys and girls teams in the event, and they are hoping for good things.  The Cardinals Elise Ramberg is ranked third in the state in the girls individual rankings, and she has the best chance to not only place at the meet, but also has a good opportunity to bring home a state title.  We wish her and all of the area athletes best of luck at state and we will report on that in the weeks ahead.

Hill gets her second player of the week honors

  We leave you this week reminding you to check the feature picture on Langdon native Rachel Hill be named conference player of week for the second time in her career for the Lake Region State College Volleyball team.  Way to go Rach!

“See ya!” next week!

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