Langdon City Commission meeting held and addresses issues from the recent blizzard

The Langdon City Commission met on the evening of Monday, October 14 to discuss business and address issues the city faces following the early blizzard.

Posted 10/18/2019

By Melissa Anderson

Langdon City Street Supervisor Jeff Hiller updated the Commission on the street department’s efforts to clear the snow. Hiller informed the commissioners that the crew had been working 14 to 16 hour days starting on Friday, October 12. With the heavy, moisture-saturated snow, blowing is not possible, and with the ground saturated and soft, moving the snow to a location is not possible without extensive damage.

Hiller explained that because the city crews had been so busy trying to maintain streets that Mikkelsen Construction was contracted to clear the Langdon Activity Center parking lot. Hiller said that the snowblower used to clean the sidewalks on Main Street needs to be replaced. The commissioners and Hiller discussed the pros and cons of no longer cleaning the sidewalks along the Main Street. The Commission discussed what would be the best option of replacement with both Hiller and Langdon City Water Department Supervisor Jason Busse. The two department heads have funds in their equipment to purchase a new bobcat.

Discussion of the handling of the storm led to a suggestion from Cavalier County Sheriff Greg Fetsch that a public relations person would benefit not only the City of Langdon but Cavalier County as well. Fetsch explained he had recently attended a meeting that had three PR officials from larger cities present. The ability to have one person be the point of contact for spreading information and awareness such as what city crews were facing in trying to clear the streets with photos or videos would have made residents a lot more understanding. The topics were tabled.

Andrew Aakre of Moore Engineering updated the Commission on the ongoing street project. The commissioners will continue seeking estimates for the removal of the trees along the 8th Street berm along the city park. Aakre also provided an update on possible grants for the sidewalk improvement.

Issues with Quam Construction and its subcontractors from Phase I continue, and Aakre had been unable to get updates from the company prior to the meeting. The city may soon have to take a more aggressive approach with the company.

Langdon City Building Inspector Gary Bimler updated the Commission on the Keck property. The owner of the property is scheduled to visit soon and view the property with Bimler.

A resident addressed the commissioners with a concern regarding the recent approval to reimburse Dennis Luhmann for paving an intersection. The resident asked why Luhmann was reimbursed by the city and how the city made that decision. Commissioner Marty Tetrault, who oversees the city streets, was not present at the meeting, and the question was tabled until more information could be collected.

Cavalier County Job Development Authority Executive Director Shannon Duerr addressed the commissioners with a request for an economic development loan approval. The loan will be given to Steph and Loren Fetsch who have purchased the FM Mall and Bottle Barn business. The loan was approved.

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