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Let them rant

One of the things I like best when I talk with people is asking questions. Getting unexpected responses keeps things interesting, but there is another response that I find even more intriguing. Most of the time the response that really makes me take notice is on what most call “hot topic” issues. I refer, of course, to the rant.

Posted 10/18/2019

By Melissa Anderson

There nothing quite like watching and listening to someone expel their thoughts on a topic for an extended amount of time with the vehemence you usually only see reserved for cheering at football games. The more long-winded the person is, the more chances that they will show just how their mind works.

Listening to these types of responses or statements gives insight in some surprising and unsurprising ways. The eloquence with which one can explain their thoughts exhibits their intelligence of expression. The content of their rant provides a peek at their thought process. The overall tone of their rant provides a glimpse at the depth with which they care about the topic.

Politicians, especially, can have the rant used against them. It can also benefit them. Word choice aside, the appeal they make when they rant is usually what grabs people. The tone with which they make that appeal sets them up as a certain type of person in the listener’s mind.

For me, identifying features of a rant eliminates those that are actually involved in what they are talking about. Dodging, rebuttal, and changing the topic is never a good look for a rant to begin with. Proving that the content is worth the effort of listening cannot only make the ranter more respected during the ranting but also gives them the opportunity to actually have an impact with their rant.

So, let them rant. You may only need to listen once to know that they are not worth listening to again.

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