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Letter: Supporters we are all, not

There is an abundance of confusion and misinformation surrounding the support of this president by farmers throughout this country. There will be thousands of farmers going out of business within the next 3 years. It’s a good time to be an auctioneer, but not a farmer. It is stunning how much devastation to farmers can be done in one term of a president. While we are told repeatedly how great this economy is, we are incurring daily, an increasing, insurmountable amount of debt with a trend seemingly irreversible at any point in the future.

Yes, the future of our 130+or – year old farms and livelihoods, started upon the settlement of this state of ND, is bleak. While you don’t hear enough of the dire situation farmers are facing, you hear of the “strong” support for this president by the vocal minority. When things become so bleak, there comes no easy decision anymore. The feeling is paralyzing. So why is any farmer still supportive of President Trump?? We are now finding out that Trump promised President Xi of China, he would remain silent during the pro-democracy/human rights protests in Hong Kong in return for China to interfere in our next election in 2020 by investigating his two main potential opponents in Biden and Warren. Trump is now compromised!! While proclaiming his love for farmers, he has reduced us to a mere bargaining chip in the trade dispute with China. He has done permanent damage to our (ND) soybean market, where 65% of our soybeans go. Meanwhile, his EPA has granted numerous exemptions to refiners for the blending of ethanol, causing several plants to shut down just in the last year. This is another important example of permanent damage to our market. Eliminating competition to the petroleum industry should alarm everybody!! If you haven’t figured out why, you better start thinking for yourself!!

Farmers still supporting Trump after his devastating action towards us, clearly indicate they care nothing about their neighbor’s plight. Their goal appears to lie in their ability to withstand this crisis longer than their neighbors, sadly, seeing this as an opportunity to absorb their neighbors’ farms. Also, under Republican administrations like this one and the previous one(Bush43), when they also controlled both houses of Congress, they managed to skew the tax code to heavily favor businesses and individuals more, the bigger they are, while the clueless, misinformed, or undereducated voters are content with their meager, temporary tax cut. They haven’t thought far enough ahead to understand these implications to their children. If Trump isn’t forced out of office before his term is up, he will shortly, thereafter, face his fate from a lifetime of corruption when he is no longer protected from the office of the presidency.

It is pretty remarkable that an individual who is so ethically and morally challenged can have so many loyal supporters. These very same supporters claim to make up the “Religious Right”. This speaks volumes of the makeup of this “Hypocritical, Self-righteous Right”. If you loyal supporters hope to stand in line with Donald Trump come Judgment Day that is your decision. Even though your support for this president is considered an insult to many of us, we are not wishing for your demise.

Perry Ostmo

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