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Butterfly Effect

As any good consumer should do, understanding the labeling on food products has become a must. After all, the most successful marketing schemes are based on fundamentals of the human existence. One of them uses base desires while another seeks to utilize our own impulses against us. I refer to fear, and the weaponization of it, in the marketing world to make consumers buy into nonsense and waste money on things that otherwise would not be costly.

Posted 11/08/2019

“Organic” food and its production has its place as a niche market. However, I just have to say that having taste tested “organic” food versus the regular food, I prefer the regular food. The marketed “organic” food, for property’s sake, tastes like dirt- awful, unappetizing, and always at least $2 more than its more commonly grown method.

All food is organic and is composed of chemicals. However, the use of marketing has taken people’s fears about being healthy and amplified them to a near-paranoid level of suspicion. The butterfly effect that this is having on the way that food is both grown, processed, consumed, and even thought about has been astronomical. It’s also leading to accusation of the current state of health for the general public. It must be the food! Or could it be that, as a society that has come to love instant gratification and the rise of entertainment that doesn’t involve physical movement, has played its part? Perhaps it’s the use of brain over brawn more often in the working environment that has lead to increased girth.

Whatever the reason, successful marketing schemes will continue to prey upon the base instincts of humanity as a way to make money. Feed on the fear and provide the miracle for what ails that fear.

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