Little Helga’s Barley Bin & Bakery opens

Osnabrock has a breakfast spot once again, and this time it has an Icelandic twist. Jolene Halldorson has reopened the Barley Bin in Osnabrock, giving locals a place to meet and eat.

Posted 11/21/19

By Melissa Anderson

“I opened to fill a need in the community. Breakfast at the Barley Bin is a part of Osnabrock history; it’s a routine for many,” Halldorson said. “It’s important to keep these traditions and also to keep the small communities active.”

Halldorson is known for her love of tradition and heritage in the area. An advocate for Icelandic culture, she enjoys sharing her ancestral foods at her new business.

“When I considered opening for breakfast, I knew I needed something more to make it stand out,” Halldorson shared. “As I started along the journey of renovation of the Barley Bin, my vision became clear.  I could serve baked Icelandic delicacies to help sustain the café. I have always loved baking, so why not combine this with my other love, my Icelandic heritage.”

Combining the breakfast with baking has been successful for Little Helga’s. Offering Icelandic specialty baking, among other items, has given the new version of the Barley Bin a way to set itself apart from other area eateries. While the variety of items isn’t large, Halldorson’s focus on the Icelandic baked treats keeps it simple.

“I do what I know and do it well,” Halldorson shared. “I come by this naturally; I’m my ancestors wildest dream. I do not remember a day in my life when my mom, my aunts or my amma weren’t baking something.”

Bring home the goodies as Halldorson is now taking orders for all items. Some of her popular offerings include Helga’s brown bread – which is her mother’s recipe, Little Helga’s Kleinur – her own recipe for the Icelandic twisted donut, and Vinarterta – which is Icelandic prune cake.

Other items available include many different kinds of cookies and an area favorite – little smokies. Specialty cakes offered by Little Helga’s are a raspberry white chocolate cheesecake and a chocolate espresso cake, which Halldorson is very proud of.

“I can also do holiday baking needs- the pumpkin roll is always a favorite or the white buns, you won’t regret it,” Halldorson said.

Finding a name for the business was easy. Halldorson has been called “Little Helga” since she was in grade school. Halldorson invites everyone to stop in and grab a bite or Icelandic treat Monday through Friday from  7 a.m. to 11 a.m. She is closed on Saturday mornings but opens her doors on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Little Helga’s Barley Bin & Bakery is located at 324 Broadway, Osnabrock.

“Stop in for breakfast. There is a full menu with $1.00 endless coffee,” Halldorson said.

Order ahead by giving Little Helga a call at 701-382-9977 or send her a message on Facebook @barleybin.

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