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Ready, set, shop!

Posted 11/21/19

By Melissa Anderson

Thanksgiving is days away, but Christmas is already in the air…and in the aisles. The season of giving finds its way to make itself known earlier and earlier each year.

Online retailers have had their holiday shopping reminders up for most of the month of November. Area retailers have been showcasing their winter decor for almost as long. Now that December nears, the three-day shopping extravaganza does as well.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have pretty much become American holidays in their own rights. While these all work to benefit the economy, it is the local impact that gives the biggest bang for the buck and most gratitude.

What businesses in the Langdon area should shoppers hit on Saturday, November 30? Every. Single. One. You never know what you may find, and really, the owners will just be glad to see a shopper in their store. Buying a product within their store is appreciated and supporting their way of life.

Gifts can be found in abundance at many storefronts from Langdon Community Drug and Junque Decor on the north end of Main Street to Glitz & Glam and the Republican on the south end. Every business in between – Bread Pan, Roxy, Sew on Sew North, Langdon Floral to name a few – could hold that treasure for the holiday for someone on your list.

It isn’t just the businesses on Main Street, either, that would appreciate some added traffic to their doors. Schroeder Furniture and Glenn’s Appliance can help make the hosting of holiday get-togethers easier and more comfortable. Forgot that key ingredient in the recipe? Leever’s is there to help and can even have surprising items within their shelves. Trust me on that one, I have been shocked silly when I happened upon an item I was not expecting a small town grocer to have.

Small business make America and keep it going. Without the businesses that are locally owned, there wouldn’t be much for a town to boast about. The vibrancy of a community, along with it’s potential and longevity, depend on small businesses offering goods and services. After all, once the shops close, it’s very easy for a town to dwindle down to ghosts. Support the local businesses so they can keep supporting you!

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