St. Alphonsus welcomes new Deacon

Deacon Eric Seitz is the newest member of St. Alphonsus Church and the Langdon community. He came in June of this year and will be in the area at St. A’s until at least June 2020 when he will be ordained to the priesthood. His duties include assisting the pastor with preaching, baptizing, witnessing marriages, presiding at funerals, and other duties as assigned.

Posted 11/27/2019

By Lisa Nowatzki

Like many who join the priesthood, Seitz felt the pull of God and church early in his life. When asked if he always wanted to be a deacon and/or a church official and what made him seek out the church, he said, “I felt the call to the priesthood first in 7th grade. When I went to the seminary, at first, I wasn’t sure, but as I went on the call became stronger, and I realized that being a priest was what God has formed me for.”

Deacon Seitz is well-traveled, with a military-family background. “I was born on Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. I moved to South Carolina when I was four, Norway when I was nine, Montana when I was eleven, and Fargo when I was fifteen. I graduated from Shanley High School and went to seminary. I was at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit from 2011-2015 and the Saint Paul Seminary in St. Paul from 2015-2019.”

Family members include three older brothers and one younger sister. His brothers live in St. Paul, and his parents and sister still live in Fargo.

Though he has only been here since June, Deacon Seitz said that his time here has been great. He shared that Fr. Ackerman is a great pastor, and it has been great to get out of school and do some real work for a change.

He also said, “I really like working with farmers and ranchers. Things are simpler and straightforward when you get out of the city.”

Seitz said that he was not familiar with the Langdon area. Since his arrival, he has noticed Langdon lacks a couple of things. Sounding like a local, when asked if there was something he didn’t like about the area, he cited the lack of a Pizza Ranch and no Chinese food nearby.

Dea. Seitz is no stranger to local attractions and hobbies. When asked about anything he wanted the public to know about himself, he replied, “I like obscure bands from the 70s, science fiction, theology, fishing, hunting, and basketball.”

What does the future hold? What happens after June? What’s next? Like most, Seitz said he serves at the leisure of the Bishop and will go where he is needed.

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