Chelsea Graber

Chelsea Graber

There’s a new face at the Langdon Activity Center. The Langdon City Commission hired Chelsea Graber as the new Activity Center director. She comes to Langdon by way of Red Lodge, Montana, where she was raised and graduated high school in 2014. Graber grew up with her aunt and uncle. During her junior year of high school, she attended the Close-Up trip to Washington, D. C., where she met her husband, Kevin Graber. They were married soon after high school graduation and moved to Langdon. The couple has a son, Grayson, who is in preschool. Kevin works at the elementary school where Graber previously worked as a paraprofessional. She believes her time as a paraprofessional will help her in her new job.

Graber said that she is still learning what her new duties will entail but knows that she is responsible for taking care of the events, scheduling, cleaning and taking care of anything else that happens at the Center. Although she is new to the job, Graber has lot of ideas and wants to see more community involvement in the Langdon Activity Center.

“I do want to see a lot happen to the Activity Center in the future. I want more people to come into the Center and be able to enjoy it, more classes and activities for the youth to happen here, to be open more often for the community, and to be more accessible for the younger families in the community.”

Graber also enjoys seeing everyone come to the gym and work hard because she believes hard work pays off in the end because she has done a great deal of hard work.

According to Graber, “I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the gym. I recently lost 150 lbs. and weighed at my heaviest 300 pounds.  I have learned quite a bit about nutrition and workouts. My brother is also a professional bodybuilder, so I also have a lot of knowledge just from being close with him. I think being younger in this position is definitely beneficial. Knowing what the younger people are doing and what kind of stuff is on-trend now is helpful when trying and getting more people to come here.”

Finally, Graber wants the community to know that there are other people that could have taken this job and done well, but she knows that she has a lot of strengths and knowledge that hopefully will benefit the Langdon community.

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