Outstanding Grads 1994- 2002

1994 – Nathan Ring and Stephanie Stremick. There are three annuals for the 1990s, some of which have pictures without names, and for other years information about outstanding graduates has to come from families or the clipping file resulting in some stories being at least temporarily lost. Nathan Ring is the son of Rick and Karen Ring. He was a honor student, in Jazz Band and several organizations. Following high school he went on to UND, majored in accounting, and earned his CPA. The last address found for him was in Minneapolis, but there is a memory of a grandma who was thrilled when Nathan and his wife had great-grandchildren. It took a while to find where Stephanie Stremick fit into the Stremick family, but there are memories of her on the basketball team and an earlier annual lists her in drama, choir and other activities. Her parents are Ken and Dianne Stremick who now live in Fargo where Steph also made her home. In 2003, she was a physical therapist at Merit Care Occupational Health Center.

1995 – Greg Goodman and Kari Larson. Both of the outstanding awards went to members of the Homecoming Court in 1994 with Kari Larson as queen and Greg Goodman as one of the princes. Greg is the son of Bernie and Carol Goodman who farm at Milton, a family tradition going back to the earliest residents in that area. However, grandparents also lived at Langdon so with a grandfather on many boards and mom working in Langdon, this branch of the Goodman family came to Langdon for school before the merger with Milton/Osnabrock. The clipping file might tell you more about the sports Greg’s three children are in today, but I remember him as active in many of the school sports and activities. He went to NDSU and earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and then graduated from the Dakota School of Banking with high honors. He joined Choice Financial in 2002, has been a loan officer and president of the Langdon bank, and currently is a partner in Bachman-Goodman Ag Services, a member of the County Commission and has held numerous local and regional offices. Kari Larson is the youngest daughter of Larry and Dianne Larson from the Calvin area and the second sister chosen for the Outstanding Girl award. Like her sisters, she went to UND and completed her credentials for teaching in middle school. She married Aaron Arvig in 2000. He was training at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN. They planned to live in St. Paul.

1996 – Ryan Schaan and Janna Blake. Ryan Schaan, son of Rick and Sandy Schaan, was outstanding in basketball (along with his twin brother), football, and track as well as part of the Honor Society, and he had good teammates as competition. 1996 was a good year for sports of all kinds. Following high school he went to Minot State University where he graduated with a business major. Ryan currently works at Grand Canyon in Arizona where he manages a recreation center for employees. Janna Blake, daughter of Bob and Carol Blake from the Wales area, is another young lady remembered as “in everything”. In her case band, choir, basketball, stats for some of the teams, speech and drama, homecoming queen, honor student and one of several graduation speakers. Janna went on to graduate from the University of Mary in Bismarck in 2000 and also attended UND for their clinic lab science program. She went on to be a medical technician at Rapid City Regional Hospital and was working there when she married Rodney Cowling in 2003.

1997 – Michael Kempel and Angela Dahl. Michael Kempel, son of Daryl and Linda Kempel, was tall with long legs which earned him a spot in the high and triple jump categories as well as running in track in both high school and college. For college he went to University of Mary, earned his degree in computers, and was hired by NICS (National Information Cooperative Solutions) where he is still employed. One of the programs he has been involved with reaches into a lot of local homes each month as he works on the United Communications billings. Michael keeps in shape helping out with the U of Mary track program, and his mom says he runs every day. Married in 2003, his three children attend St. Mary’s School in Bismarck – a team that was involved in the Dakota Bowl game last week. Angie Dahl is the daughter of Ted and Linda Dahl and Geneve Rutherford. In high school Angie was a cheerleader, played some basketball, ran track, and participated in several clubs. Some yearbooks for her time in high school are missing, but she might have been one of the three or four every year who marry their prom date. In her case she married Brian Muhs, also from the Langdon area. She went on to UND for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in counseling, has a counseling office, and also teaches at UND. However, Angie has had serious health problems and had her first heart surgery when she was about twenty. There have been a number of emergency trips to Mayo and possibly elsewhere over the years. Angie and Brian have two children: Jonathan 14 and Morgan 12. The family lives south of Grand Forks so the children attend school in Thompson. One of the special memories her dad has is handing her the outstanding award when she graduated from LHS during the years he served on the school board.

1998 – Christopher Olson and Kimberly Power. There have been other Christopher Olsons graduating from LHS, but we traced this one by the fact that in 1998 he and his brother, Charlie, received their diplomas from two different schools at the same graduation service. Chris is the son of Tom and Val Olson, and I am told the third generation to have served on the Langdon School Board and the fifth generation farming land in the Elkwood vicinity. In high school he played basketball which led to playing on a team that went to Australia. He was also in track, going to state with the shotput and discus. For college, Chris went to NDSU for a degree in agronomy and my notes say architecture. He is married to Katie Pankratz, and they have five children. 1998 was a year that does not have an annual in the library collection so “in school” activities rarely made the clipping file, but both sets of parents mentioned their student played basketball in another country. In case I confused the countries, I can apologize later but Kimberly Power had her overseas basketball adventure in New Zealand. You can also find more stats on Kimberly in issues of Miss Hoopster. Kimberly is the daughter of Greg and Nancy Power and after graduating from LHS went on to Minot State for her Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting. While in Minot she met her husband, Troy Bartsch, of Minot. They now have three children and continue to make their home in Minot. Kim works as a relationship banker with Gate City Bank in Minot.

1999 – Sadie Huss. Possibly some of the records for 1999 are missing because the list of Outstanding Boys says Nobody, and the list of Outstanding Girls lists only Sadie. If a yearbook is located with additional information we can add that later. Sadie, her sister, step-brother, and parents came to Langdon in 1985 when Shirley and Terry Rime (mother and step-father) came to work in one of the Langdon banks. Over the years family members have worked in several area banks. In high school Sadie was in cross county, band, choir, volleyball, and a member of the State Champion golf team. For college she went on to Moorhead State and earned a degree in speech pathology. She is married to Jon Erickson, and they have twin daughters, Liv and Hadley Erickson. They live in Fargo.

2000 – Chad Perius and Nicole Thom. Chad Perius is the son of Tom and Colleen Perius, who now make their home in Dilworth. I did not find his high school activities, but anyone who knew or knows his parents probably assumes that sports were a big part of his growing up years. His mom mentioned he was also active in student government at an early age. After high school, he went on to Jamestown College and then to UND Law School for his law degree. He is now in the prosecutor’s office in St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minn., and lives with his family in Sartell, MN. His wife is a teacher, and they have three children. Nicole Thom, daughter of Willie and Jackie Thom, went to NDSU for her degree in writing and now has a master’s in that major and has been a professor at Missouri State. She is currently the director of communications for the NDSU Foundation and married to Tim Arens of Langdon. They make their home in Fargo.

2001 and 2002 – No annuals have been located for these years, and the clipping file is silent on those who received the award. A listing from the school gives 2001 to Shawn Power and Alyson Wilhelmi, and 2002 to Jennifer Roy and Andrew Luhmann. However, Alyson and Jennifer shared the girl’s honor in 2002. There may have been another chosen for the award in 2001 and that is still being researched. In the meantime, a picture of the future Class of 2001 surfaced in the middle school section of the 1996 annual. I have memories of the outspoken students of that group in 1996 when they grilled substitute teachers and examined their hands to see if their fingernails were too long (mine passed muster) and rolled their eyes over the age of my car, all the while telling me they were the smartest kids in school. It turned out some of them were.

2001 - Shawn Power. Shawn Power, son of Greg and Nancy Power, is probably pictured in the missing annuals doing many things, so I suspect he was out for sports, band, and all sorts of other activities. When your sister passes the 1000 mark in basketball, he probably had hours of shooting baskets himself and might well have joined close friends in band and other organizations. Shawn went on to NDSU where the honor roll lists there listed him first as with a major in chemistry and then switching over to accounting. He got his CPA with honors and is currently working with NorthMarq, a banking firm in the Minneapolis area. By the way, one of his 12 or maybe 13-year friends from Langdon lives only six blocks from his home in the Twin Cities area. Shawn is married and has two children. If another name surfaces for this year, we will include it later.

2002 - Andrew Luhmann, Jennifer Roy and Alyson Wilhelmi. Without annuals, no pictures surfaced of these students during their high school years, but we do know they were busy. Andrew Luhmann, fourth son of Dennis and Barbara Luhmann, and the second one chosen as Outstanding Boy, was always musical and is remembered as excelling in piano and drums. For some reason there is a memory of him moving up from a younger band group to play the chimes with the concert band one year at Christmas. The Luhmann boys also tried out most of the sports, and I believe basketball was a favorite. An older brother had gone to Wheaton, and Andrew did as well, where he earned his BS in Geology and a double major in biblical and theologicical studies. He went on to obtain his PHD in geology from the University of Minnesota and is now an assistant professor of Geology at Wheaton College in Illinois. He is married, the father of seven children, and lives in West Chicago, IL. While working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota, Andrew took part in a scientific cruise to the North Pacific, completing a dive to the bottom of the ocean floor in Alvin, a research submersible operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. During the dive, the robotic arms of Alvin sampled fluids emerging from hydrothermal vents in the Juan de Fuca Ridge (underwater mountains). Jennifer Roy, daughter of Danny and Mary Roy, had her sights on D&B Motors from an early age. She mentioned honor society and music while in school but at the same time was absorbing all her dad could teach her. Following high school she went on to Concordia and then to the University of Mary for her Master’s in Business Administration. Then it was time to come home, get married to Mark Busse, and join her dad in the family business. They now have three children and has been on numerous boards and committees in the Langdon area in addition to being a mom and very involved in the car dealership. You might even hear her on the radio doing some of their commercials. Alyson Wilhelmi, daughter of Robert and Jean Wilhelmi, was the third outstanding person chosen from this class. Always a very pretty girl she began entering beauty pageants while still in high school and college, but her goal was not just that she was beauty queen bound, she also had a very serious side. That serious side took her to UND where she got her degrees in occupational therapy and then went on for her Doctorate in Educational Foundation and Research. She now works at the Brain Injury Facility in Mandan where she lives with her husband, whose last name is Downs. Ali has continued her interest in beauty pageants down through the years, and some of her titles as a competitor include Miss North Dakota International in 2010, Mrs. North Dakota America in 2013, and Mrs. North Dakota United States in 2018. She also coaches others who want help preparing for beauty pageants. And when she gets home, her parents will find a spot for her to work at the Pain Reliever.


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