Izabelle Brooks winner of a EverSewn sewing machine provided by Scott Fortunoff of the Jaftex company

Thanks to Peggy Davis at Sew On & Sew North, Izabelle Brooks has a new EverSewn sewing machine provided by Scott Fortunoff of the Jaftex company. Though not as common a skill with the younger generation, sewing enthusiasts can still be found. Ten-year-old Brooks is one shining young example.

Her mom, Amanda Brooks, agrees. “I wanted to instill a passion and desire for Izabelle to sew so she can be a great helper to her future husband and a well-rounded homemaker for her children. If I instill and foster the love of sewing in her heart now, I pray it continues on into her adulthood, and she will pass the art and joy of sewing onto her own children. The ability to sew is so valuable and seemingly more and more rare these days.”

Other prizes Miss Brooks won that were included in the give-away were an Olfa cutting mat, rotary cutter, and ruler courtesy of the Olfa Corporation; a spool of Aurifil thread courtesy of Aurifil Corp; and a fabric bundle of five one-yard cuts provided by Sew On & Sew North. Davis also included EverSewn glass-head pins, five patterns from her Sew Days classes, and a gift certificate for a free kid’s sewing class.

On December 5, 2019, Davis announced on her shop’s Facebook page that she was accepting nominations for a sewing machine give-away. Davis required nominees to be in the fifth grade or older and to write the reason why or how receiving a sewing machine would make a difference in their lives.

Brooks wrote the following letter, via Facebook, to Sew On & Sew North:

“What I would do with the sewing machine is to get rid of my little sister’s sassy doll clothes and sew her nice doll clothes like these ones. The other thing is my mom is having a baby girl, and if I get the sewing machine, I will make clothes for her. And I would make stuffed animals for her. I could also make my family baking aprons. The last thing is that my mom and I are making a sewing room out of an empty closet upstairs. So the sewing machine would really help because it’s faster than sewing by hand, and I could learn on my own sewing machine.-Izabelle Brooks." Included with Brooks’ letter was a picture of the nice doll clothes she wanted to sew for her little sister.

On January 2, 2020, Davis notified Brooks’s mother, Amanda, that she had been chosen to win the machine, and on January 3, Brooks’s mother and father took her to Davis’s quilt shop to collect her prizes.

According to Amanda, “Izzy is sometimes shy, and when she learned she won the sewing machine, she was shocked. She was very surprised and excited but nervous.”

The quiet and shock didn’t last long. Amanda Brooks continued, “The whole way home, she kept saying she couldn’t believe she won! When we got home, she immediately unpacked the machine and started practicing different stitches on the practice fabric. We sat together the rest of that afternoon, winding the bobbin, threading the machine, changing the stitch, and reading the instruction manual. She is taking such good care of the machine so far. Every time she puts it away, she packs it back up in the box in between the styrofoam and protecting the needle, just like Peggy (Davis) showed her to do.”

Miss Brooks learned to hand sew at the tender age of eight. According to her mom, she has made various felt stuffed animals as gifts, but this is her first experience with a sewing machine.

Brooks has not started her first project, yet. According to Amanda, they want her to be 100% confident with all the dials and options on her machine before she starts. So, for now, she is just practicing different stitches and becoming comfortable moving the fabric around in various patterns with her hands as she also gets used to the foot pedal. This is great because when little problems arise, they are able to troubleshoot as to what is happening and why.

The Brooks family is a part of the growing community of military families in the area. Amanda Brooks said, “We moved to Cavalier Air Force Station in June 2019. My husband has 16 years in as active duty Air Force (now the Space Force). We have moved every three to four years, always trying to make a new home, meeting new people, and trying to adjust to the new life God gave us. Izabelle was born on a Navy base in Okinawa, Japan. From there, we moved to Warner Robins, Ga., Colorado Springs, now (thankfully) we’re here with all of you wonderful people.”

When they moved here from Colorado Springs, Colorado, they had lived right in the center of the city, so they thought the reassignment to Cavalier would be a big adjustment. However, all of the family (parents and kids included) are surprised by the fact that when they leave the local areas (to go to Grand Forks, Fargo, Winnipeg), they are very overwhelmed and anxious and no longer enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.

"Cavalier, Langdon and Walhalla have really changed our hearts, and we will forever seek the slower, small-town life.”

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