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Infrastructure is way more than simply good roads.  Good roads are a key element to a solid infrastructure, but it's really so much more than just that.

General Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower returned home from WWII with a deep appreciation for the German road system.  He saw how it made the German army much more effective and how the roads made everything in the German economy better.  Ike had been a part of moving tanks around the USA in the 20's, and he knew exactly how bad our infrastructure was at the time.

So when Ike became President Eisenhower, he championed the Interstate highway system.  His fellow Republicans were against him because they thought it was a Jobs Program like the old FDR programs.  Ike knew better. He knew that the money we were spending would come back to us tenfold with a more efficient nation.

We are not the only nation who experienced huge growth after beefing up our infrastructure. Consider Brazil.  Shipping ports are also infrastructure.  Brazil wanted to export ag products like soybeans but suffered from an inability to load ships fast enough.  After a huge investment, they are now our toughest competitor.  Their investment is paying off. Ports, good airports, bridges, railroads...lots of transportation make up a solid infrastructure, but transportation isn't the only thing that moves in the economy.

Electricity is a key part of a healthy nation's infrastructure.  Industry relies on cheap power and lots of it.  Without an electrical grid that can power industry, you're a third world nation.  Our grid is aging and not aging well.  New Jersey had a moderate storm this summer, and the power got knocked out.  It took New Jersey five days to get the power back on.  That's third world stuff.

Information moves inside an economy.  No nation will be a leader if the vast majority of their population doesn't have access to highspeed internet.  Every year, the internet grows in importance to a nation's infrastructure.

Healthcare has its own infrastructure and is part of our larger infrastructure.  A world-class city has excellent healthcare, and without it, growth will stop cold.

So when we Democrats are talking about improving our state's infrastructure, it's much more than just filling in the potholes (although filling in the potholes would certainly help, and Republicans can't even do that).  Imagine highways that have electric vehicle quick-charge stations. Image roads and bridges that could handle heavier trucks and how much that would save all of us.  Imagine the world of tomorrow, and a vastly improved infrastructure should be a big part of it.  Cleaner.  More efficient. Easier.  Cheaper.  Better.

The states that invest in the infrastructure of tomorrow beginning immediately will rise.  States who are slow to invest will sink.  Ike had it right.  It's a jobs program, but one that pays for itself many times over. 

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